Communist Obama: Wants a ‘one world government’

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Written By Gordon Bishop

Beware of an upcoming Barack Obama “Executive Order”: Our fraudulent “President” has embraced the advances towards a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, according to Conservative Action


Here is what Obama is about to order via his Executive Order: He wants to transfer some quadrants of the oceans now under United States control directly to the United Nations! Signed…sealed….delivered!


No Congress–NO treaty–NO vote by Americans–NO National Discussions– SOLELY BY HIS “POWER” OF EXECUTIVE ORDER.


America no longer has a legitimate, Constitutional President!


We have an illegal British “citizen DICTATOR!”


Where is the United States Congress, the United States Supreme Court, and the U.S. Attorney General who is supposed to be enforcing the laws of our land?


Obama’s sinister plan is still in draft form. It should be killed right now by our nation’s legal eagles.


We cannot let the president just give away hundreds of thousands of square miles of ocean at his stupid whim.


Only you — the taxpaying voters of America–can stop Obama’s anti-America and anti-American mission to destroy the USA.


Gone will be our liberty, freedoms and the greatest Constitution in the World!


Obama wants to cede parts of the United States oceans to United Nations-based “international law.”


The socialist United Nations would have control and REGULATE much of the oceans that the United States now has jurisdiction over!


Every member of the United States Congress (75 of whom are known Communists) must block the Obama Executive Order to cede any oceans to the regulation of the United Nations!


Obama’s draft calls for an Executive Order for a “National Ocean Policy.”


Yes, this nut-case must be impeached and kicked out of public office!

His insane policies are another over-reach of the federal government in relationship to the eco-system that will be regulated by federal crack-pots…AND turn over part of the ocean’s quadrant to the regulations set forth by the United Nations (which, of course, hates the United States of America).


That, in itself, is very frightening. However, it is just the tip of the iceberg as to the extent that Barack Hussein Obama, a radical Islamic leader, is leaning towards a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!


Obama wasn’t kidding when he campaigned for the Presidency, declaring that he a “Citizen of the World”–NOT a “Citizen of the United States.”


At least the Big O was right on that score: He was a “Citizen of the World”–not a Citizen of the United States.


How this Communist got into the White House was simple: Simply control the election results in 13 States, and, Viola!–Obama becomes President of the United States.


In his first 3 years as President, Obama and his Chicago crooks and thugs bankrupted The United States by borrowing more than $20 trillion from the Communist Chinese, which now “owns” America  and its unprecedented DEBT!


Obama has given the United Nations even more power OVER the United States, while we pay the “lion’s share” of the UN’s bills.

All I can say when I end these columns is: “God Bless America!”

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