Communist America: Perpetual war (II)

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Fact #6: Washington intervened to create the state of Israel. Why? Among the official explanations: 1. We intervened because of the Holocaust (which could not have happened had we not intervened). 2. We intervened to create Israel because had we not intervened we would have been anti-Semitic. 3. We intervened because Jews everywhere unanimously want a Jewish homeland. Really?

There has always been a ferocious battle within Judaism about the state of Israel. Some Jews favor it; many do not. Tens of thousands of orthodox Jews are ferociously anti-Zionist; they believe a Jewish state is blasphemous. Look at their web sites, e.g., Are these orthodox rabbis anti-Semites? So, by intervening to create Israel we were not intervening to help Jews against anti-Semites; we were not redressing the Holocaust.

We were intervening on the side of some Jews against other Jews. This would be somewhat akin to the U.S. government intervening in a dispute between Christian denominations. And by the way, did you know that most Zionists are not Jews? That is the case for the simple reason that there are many more Christians in the celebrity churches who have been deluded by celebrity preachers and doctored Bibles which say that Zionism is the main mission of Christianity.

Fact #7: “But if we don’t support Israel, it will collapse. At least, it will be unable to confront the IslamoCommunists.” Time and again we have seen Israel about to crush the Mohammedan monsters for good, but, before they can do so, the United States intervenes to stop them. For instance, in 1982, Israel had trapped sodomite Soviet agent Yassir Arafat and his P.L.O. in Beirut, their backs to the sea. Israel could have wiped them out.

But Washington intervened. The U.S. Marines flew Arafat & Co. out to Tunisia, so they could kill and maim another day. Remember also who was President in 1982? It was Ronnie Reagan, who started out so far to the left his fellow actors thought he was a Communist. When he showed up at a patriotic meeting, Olivia De Havilland wondered “what Red Ronnie is doing here.” See Kent Steffgen’s Here’s the Rest of Him and Counterfeit Candidate.

Now, here comes another “cease-fire” in Lebanon. The word from the front is that for the first time, Israel “lost.” Why did Israel “lose?” Because by now Washington has succeeded in installing CFR-type traitors in command of the Israeli government, who take orders from Boosh. Ehud Olmert, successor to Sharon, overrode the pleas of the military, which put plans for the usual victory on his desk. He conducted a token war of timidity designed to lose, which will inspire more war.

All of this is the product of U.S. intervention. I say, be “isolationist,” do not intervene; let the Israelis replace Olmert with someone willing to win and finish the job. Do not be put off by phony Hezbollah pictures and propaganda about phony “atrocities.” By now you certainly know that the pictures of unscathed teddy bears and Mickey and Minnie Mouse in the wreckage, the wedding dress and the woman whose house was destroyed twice are utter frauds.

Fact #8: Everyone agrees Iran is the problem. Where did the problem come from? The Shah of Iran was our friend. Nasty, humorless Jimmy Carter, whose treasonous footprints are everywhere – because of him Red China controls both ends of the Panama Canal – intervened to kick him out. He certainly wasn’t perfect; nobody is.

Carter propaganda said he was a dictator. Was he? I don’t know; but our government is not empowered to advance other nations. The President’s job is to advance ours. From the federal government’s perspective, whether or not he was a dictator should have been irrelevant. Because cheesy traitor Carter intervened, we now have an Iran Boosh says is threatening world peace. And Iranian women, who could do pretty much as they liked under the Shah, are now beswathed to the eyes. So now we must intervene, to staunch the problem caused by our earlier intervention, which in turn was caused by etc., and etc.

The most important thing to understand about the presently metastasizing horror in the Middle East is that the KGB (Soviet secret police) and the GRU (Soviet military intelligence) are behind it. There never was a Soviet collapse. There was a routine change in Soviet strategy. Hezbollah propaganda has all the earmarks of a KGB operation, for which Mohammedan lunatics are fronting.

The goal of the world government conspirators in Moscow and the District of Criminals is a Middle East completely controlled by the Communist United Nations, which they founded for the purpose. Any analysis that fails to include this fundamental fact is wrong and useless. The present “cease fire” is an early phase in the process. Notice that the Prostitute National Press does not even hint at all this.

Fact #9: Analysts are starting to realize that Communist-occupied China is a threat. They have threatened to nuke Los Angeles and they were caught smuggling AK-47s into that city for use by revolutionary gangs. They did commit an act of war against our country when they shot down a marked US Navy plane flown by uniformed Navy personnel over international waters. Typically, Communist world government traitor Boosh did nothing.

Where did the Chinese Communist threat come from? Like the Soviet threat, it was manufactured here in the United States. Washington intervened. Without that intervention, Red China, like the Soviet Union would never have existed. The Republic of China was our oldest, most loyal ally in the Far East. The President of the Republic was Chiang Kai-shek, a Christian.

But, hey, guess what, he wasn’t perfect; in fact, he was riddled with faults and rotten with sin, like me and like you, like everyone who ever strode the earth but Jesus Christ. The Communist media here began the usual campaign of vilification, talking down Chiang and talking up Mao. The New York Times, the Saturday Evening Post, etc., told us Mao Tse-tung was the George Washington of China.

George C. Marshall, who as Army Chief of Staff, played an important part in traitor Roosevelt’s mass murder at Pearl Harbor (he couldn’t remember where he was), boasted that “with a stroke of the pen” he disarmed 39 Republic of China divisions. What he was talking about was the fact that the U.S. Congress had voted arms for the Republic, but Marshall withheld them, thereby spitting in Congress’s face.

For a big part of the story, see America’s Retreat From Victory, by American hero Senator Joe McCarthy, who even far left Washington Post pundit Nicholas von Hoffman now says was right (after the Venona Papers). If you can’t find the McCarthy book, or any of the books I recommend, call Lady Patricia, at the American Opinion Bookstore, (800) 470-8783. Now that we have the advantage of retrospect, please answer a couple of questions: who was more humane, Chiang or Mao? Which one would have been better for China? Remember that Mao killed between 60 and 100 million people.

It was one of the foulest traitors in American history, slime bag Jimmy Carter, who canceled diplomatic relations with the Republic of China and transferred them to Red China, which we had fought in Korea. Remember that because of still more Carter treason, Red China now controls both ends of our Canal in Panama. Carter arranged that by lying to the U.S. Senate about what the treaty really said.

And finally – the envelope, please – Fact #10: Cuba. We have been reading a lot lately about Cuba because of the serious illness of international drug racketeer Fidel Castro, the mass murderer. Castro has been in power since January 1st, 1959, closing in on fifty years, which doesn’t seem to bother liberaloid scum bags here who complained about the Shah. Where did Castro come from? How is it that a Communist dictatorship is located 90 miles from Key West?

As it was in Russia itself, as it was in China and in so many other countries, so it was in Cuba. The men in the District of Criminals who ridicule “isolationism” intervened. The United States government installed Castro in power and has kept him there. Our last Ambassador to pre-Castro Cuba, Earl E.T. Smith, explained to me in person that he had arranged for Fulgencio Batista to leave the country, followed by free elections. The winner would be the next president.

Ambassador Smith enthusiastically reported what he had done to the State Department. No, no, Earl, he was told. You don’t understand. What he didn’t understand was that Castro was Washington’s man. Washingtoninstalled him and protected him. The chief of Castro’s Air Force escaped, went to Washington and testified before a Senate Committee that Castro was the top Communist in the Western Hemisphere.

The New York Times swung into action. The next day, the lead story said Castro was a dedicated anti-Communist and that the chief of his air force was wanted back home for embezzlement. But guess what? Now you know the truth. Castro is a Communist. The “isolationists” were right. At the Bay of Pigs, the Kennedy Administration betrayed Cuban patriots into Castro’s hands, by denying promised air support after they set sail. Without that support those patriots would not have attacked; frustrated U.S. Navy pilots circled overhead, watching the debacle.

Communist U.S. media tell us that the Cuban Missile Crisis was a victory for the United States, in which brave Jack Kennedy took precious time from compulsive womanizing with Fiddle and Faddle to force the Soviets to remove missiles from Cuba. But the Soviets allowed us to see no missiles. We did see big crates on the decks, but for all we were allowed to know, those crates could have contained cigars. Even worse, Kennedy agreed henceforth to use the U.S. Navy to protect Castro from further patriot attack.

Remember that these are just a few examples. I haven’t talked about the Republic of South Africa and Nicaragua. I haven’t talked about Algeria. I haven’t talked about Vietnam or Korea. For almost a century, the internationalists who control the federal government – and who fulminate routinely against so-called “isolationism” – have been intervening around the world. What is the result? Who has been right? You don’t need me to tell you.

Always, everywhere, the result is disaster. The carnage and the corpses strew the landscape as far as one can see. Iraq is just the latest crime scene. The reason I have gone through all this is that, again, the warmongers are beating the drums for more war. And as sure as Marx did not make little, green apples, you can be certain that the reasons they give for the forthcoming attack on Iran and maybe Syria will be as phony – as different from the real reasons – as they were in Iraq.

Ask yourself: How much of all this could happen by accident? Doesn’t the “accidental theory of history” defy the law of probability, which teaches that once in a while “mistakes” would be made on our side? If a friend or associate cheated you a dozen times, each time protesting with a smile that he had made a “mistake,” wouldn’t you after a while begin to suspect he was doing it on purpose?

Remember that Major General Smedley Butler, the authentic Marine Corps hero who was awarded not one, but two Medals of Honor, later wrote War Is a Racket, in which he exposed what he had come to understand about Washington’s warlike machinations around the world. Smedley Butler’s book is available for free on the internet. Go here:

The ultimate purpose is to take us all the way into world government, in which the former United States would be nothing more than a wide spot in the road. I would not be at all surprised were the District of Criminals to combine the upcoming assault on Iran and Syria with another version of Nine Eleven, which, like Pearl Harbor, would be designed to drive us mad with lust for retaliation and would be much worse. Remember that four-star General Tommy Franks says the next attack will cancel the Constitution and impose martial law. It does look as if Boosh is getting ready for the big one.

Please, Lord, grant that your obedient servant is wrong.
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