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I don’t know about the rest of the world, but it seems like I’ve been waiting forever for someone with more credibility than Bush’s gaggle of prevaricators to give us the truth about the attack on 9/11.

And, as columnist Greg Szymanski reports, an angel just flew in.

His name is Ross Wittenberg, a former Vietnam pilot with over 100 combat missions, and a commercial pilot for Pam Am and United for some 35 years.

You can fool some of the people most of the time, and most of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool Wittenberg any of the time when it comes to aircraft missions, tactics, and attacks. He knows the flight characteristics of the “big bird” like the back of his hand. So when he says the U.S. government staged 9/11 to precipitate a war in Iraq, and is criminally responsible for killing thousands of human beings, I tend to listen.

Ross Wittenberg minces no words about it. He says that 9/11 was part of the neo-cons “neat little contrived war package” to put us into a fear mode, a mind-set of war, and a set-up for the Patriot Act and eventual martial law.

And he knows of what he speaks. After personally going over the 9/11 commission’s report, he found a lot of half-truths and more than 110 outright lies. The hijackers, he avers, couldn’t handle a Piper Cub, much less the “big birds” that the government claims.

Putting the kibosh on that phony government claim came easy for Wittenberg. Being the first commercial airline pilot with experience at flying the jet used in the 9/11 attack, it would take more than a government-created, cock-and-bull story to fool this guy.

Wittenberg states, (1) jet fuel bringing down the towers makes no technological sense. Furthermore, (2) Flight 77 could not descend 7,000 in two minutes while performing a 270-degree banked turn before crashing into the Pentagon— without touching the lawn. Moreover, (3) such high speed maneuvers would have stalled the jetliner, sending it into a nose dive. Finally, (4) an amateur who couldn’t even fly a Cessna, certainly couldn’t put a jetliner through sophisticated maneuvers that Wittenberg said he himself couldn’t do with 35 years of commercial jetliner experience.

Then, the “killer” moment.

It was the flight controller’s comments on a TV news show that, in Wittenberg’s opinion, was scripted for broadcast. What makes him think so? “Remember,” he says, “the transponder was turned off on Flight 77. When this occurs, all the flight data, like air speed and flight number goes with it. All that’s left on the controller’s screen is a green blip. So the whole story is pack of lies.”

Wittenberg, of course, is bombarded with pointed comments from people who believe the government’s story. When that happens, this combat pilot simply fires back with some questions of his own. He asks them to explain how Building No.7 could have collapsed. He asks them, why haven’t the “black boxes” been recovered? He asks them to explain how jet fuel, which burns cold not hot, could bring down two hi-rise structures when more than 90-percent of the fuel on board burned outside the building. If you’re getting the idea that there may be a treacherous angle to this story, you guessed right. And Wittenberg lays it out clearly and with conviction.

“It’s important,” he says, “to put 9/11 and the Iraq war in a historical perspective. The bottom line is that all wars are contrived. Rich bankers and financiers pull the strings to put these horrific events like 9/11 and Pearl Harbor into motion. It’s simply bizarre.”

He thinks that (and he’s got lots of company on this one) it’s our one-sided foreign policy that gets us into trouble around the world, and ought to be seriously questioned. “If we are really fighting terror,” Wittenberg avers, “why is our southern border completely wide open? It’s a joke.”

Wittenberg throws that out, but he knows it’s anything but a joke. Money isn’t enough. This influential group of elite war-merchants wants absolute power and total control of a One World Government. When asked if he believed another terrorist attack would come, Wittenberg’s answer was: “Not if, but when.”

What can the average citizen do to stop this madness? Fair question. But Wittenberg’s answer is not too encouraging. “More people are listening now,” he says, “but still a lot of people keep thinking things are just fine in America. These people are perfectly content to play golf, watch the ballgame, and not get involved.”

This nation should be grateful for men like Ross Wittenberg, who has the drive to dig out facts like these, the experience to sift it out for us, the guts to defy the government, and tell the world the truth about it.

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