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I received a remarkable call from a lady on the air recently during the last days of my radio talk show over the American Freedom Network. She said that my comments during the year had inspired a dramatic change in her thinking. Before she started listening, she was the typical individual I described.

She felt a nameless, generalized guilt, not a guilt for something she had done, but for what she was, a white, Christian, American woman. And because she felt guilty, she was apologetic, apologetic about everything. She would bow her head and meekly back up when the things she loved were attacked. She would do nothing while her country was dismantled. She recognized herself in the hypothetical victim I talked about.

But she was able to listen, and my message was – is – remarkably simple. First, everyone has the right to feel good about himself. At first hearing, that thought is so simple it sounds juvenile, maybe patronizing. Of course everyone has the right to feel good about himself! Is there nothing more to my idea than that?

Consider that everybody feeling good about himself is one of the most controversial ideas you can have today. The powers that would like to be go to great lengths to make sure blacks, Latinos (especially if they are illegal), Indians, sodomites and so on and on feel good about themselves. They do everything they can to make sure women feel good about themselves – except normal, white Christian women.

Indeed, if you make the mistake of offending one of these protected people, if one of them gets the idea you have offended him or her or it, you could easily find yourself in court, facing a pro bono attorney from the anti-American Communist Liars Union. You could lose your job. Of course you will apologize even without being asked. You may even be subjected to formal brainwashing sessions.

Don’t you see something like this almost every week? The latest perpetrator is the president of Harvard University, who said something about women and mathematics at a convention. Need we add that he has apologized? The trail is littered with the corpses of perpetrators, going all the way back to Atlanta Braves star pitcher John Rocker – who didn’t like what he saw in New York City – and beyond. John and all these others were rockered.

Only white Christian Americans do not enjoy that protection. As soon as they toddle into the system, in the Communist government schools, they are told they are guilty of every crime against humanity, from arthritis to Hitler to unemployment to zits. The textbooks say they caused slavery. Yes, slavery in this country has been gone for almost 150 years, but the school says even today’s wealthiest blacks are still trying to recover from it, and that whites cause every problem in the “‘hood.”

White Christian kiddos hear this for twelve years. If they go on to college they hear it for another four. After they get their diplomas and degrees, they hear the same thing from the Communist media. Most of them have never heard anything else. Is it any wonder they believe it?

So it is that today you can say anything that comes into your head about white Christian Americans, however preposterous, however outrageous and insulting, and you will not be shamed. No one will complain. When was the last time you saw a black or a Latino apologize in public for something he or she said? Instead, the target of the comment meekly bows his head in acquiescence.

Have you ever heard a wife and mother describe herself as “just a housewife?” This demeaning characterization is part of the brainwashing syndrome. Can you think of anything more important than homemaking and mothering? I can’t. Without them, boys would grow up to be psychopaths, maybe even Kerry or Bush.

Whenever I hear a lady say she is “just a housewife,” I crawl all over her, and I don’t let her up until she agrees to stop. Ladies, be warned. You are dealing here with a rampant husband and father, and I don’t care who knows it. Men, be on the lookout for such ladies and be ready to straighten them out.

So the first part of my message is that everyone has the right to feel good about himself. Certainly that applies to blacks and Latinos. If they do not feel good about themselves, they will not be able to solve the horrific problems in their communities – which only they can do – no matter how long Bill Cosby wears himself out. And the rule applies just as well to white Christians.

Indeed, the reason it is so imperative we all feel good about ourselves is that, if we don’t, our increasingly divided civilization could collapse, which brings me to the second part of my message. It is imperative that brainwashing victims recognize what has been brainwashing them.

A very small group of some of the most powerful, most wealthy, most influential, most satanically brilliant men in this country, most of them white – using a few clever front men and women who are not – deliberately conduct the brainwashing that has brought many Americans whining to their knees.

If those men are as rich and powerful – and as white – as I say, why would they do that? The answer is they have tasted power and they want more. They want it all. They want a totalitarian Socialist world they would control, in which our country, like all others, would be utterly submerged and dissolved. They are psychopaths.

The reason they have been demeaning their own race and neutralizing white Christian Americans starting in kindergarten is obvious. Most Americans are white Christians. If most Americans were black, they would be doing it to blacks, or to whatever else most Americans were. Race and ethnicity and gender are weapons in the scheme. The power-lusters cannot advance unless neutralized Americans retreat.

Usually, we use one word to describe what we are talking about (so we don’t have to keep repeating what I said about them above), and that word makes Republicrud Zombie Talk Radio – talent on loan from the Republicrud National Committee – cut off any caller who dares bring it up.

That word of course is “conspiracy.” Why do the conspirators go berserk when we use that word? Well, why do the critters start running when you turn over a flat rock? The first job of a conspiracy is to deny its own existence. You have been to the movies. Doesn’t Cosa Nostra laughingly deny it exists?

You don’t need me to prove to yourself that the brainwashing scheme in the Communist government schools and the media is a mere conspiratorial weapon employed for the totalitarian purpose I described. Look at the people who really run the country in and out of government.

Do Bush, Clinton, Cheney and Kerry – and, much more important, David Rockefeller, and others whose names you don’t know – look guilty? Do they apologize? No, they leave that to you. They smirk and joke, utterly pleased with themselves. Observe and think and you will realize that the whole thing is a scam, devised by the world’s foremost practitioners of the art.

Along these lines, again let me suggest that you read Ed Hunter’s books on brainwashing, especially Brainwashing in Red China. If you can’t find them, call the American Opinion Bookstore of North Hollywood, 1 (800) 470-8783. Ask for Pat and tell her Alan Stang suggested you call.

Of course, the most important reason to recognize that we face a conspiracy is the motivating effect. If I tell you your problems are the accidental results of mere chance, or of a historical cycle, that they “just happen,” and so on, you will shrug and go home. There is nothing you can do.

If I tell you that a small cabal of men with names, faces, telephone numbers and addresses is doing these things to you deliberately to bring you and your country to your knees, you get mad. You might even go out to the stable and saddle up. This brings us back to the lady who called me on the air.

Now she says she no longer feels bad about herself. She no longer feels the nameless guilt. She no longer apologizes for something she never did. Certainly she no longer feels the need to apologize for Christianity. The crushing weight is gone. She boldly talks about what she is and stands tall. In a word, she has been liberated.

Like her, your obedient servant is a graduate of the Communist government schools. Only after many years and considerable effort did I recover. It can be done. Come out. Take our hands. Stand tall with us in the light. Feel good about yourself and take back your country.

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