Brainwashing revisited: You are the target

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The recent, unfunny performance by “Kramer” is the latest evidence that the nation is under Soviet attack far more destructive than Nine Eleven. There is much more to it than “Kramer’s” personal situation. Here is a quirky talent who found a niche that propelled him into nationwide prominence and profit. Viewers chortled over his every word and antic. His face was known to millions.

After “Seinfeld,” he had his own show, which, if I remember correctly, bombed. Working in a comedy club, he was back at the beginning, which may mean simply that it is difficult for a talent so quirky to find another magical niche. In his business, lightning often strikes only once. So there may have been considerable, suppressed anger waiting to erupt. Whatever the reason, it is reasonable to speculate that “Kramer” now needs to find a new line of work despite his unceasing apologies.

Adding to the preposterous nature of the event, word now arrives that the two men who heckled him were so affronted by his outburst – I say so offended, sir, so hurt, so emotionally devastated, so therefore unable to function, et cetera and so on – that they are demanding money from “Kramer,” as much as $10 million. Who can blame them? As Jesse and Al would probably say, the honky is down, so get it while you can.

Why are a few public uses of the word “nigger” worth $10 million? This is a word that blacks use daily when addressing each other in ordinary conversation. But, if you are white, you felt a twinge just now – didn’t you? – when you read the word on your screen. Seeing the word triggered something in your head.

A few years back, a financial official in the District of Criminals referred to an appropriation as “niggardly.” He was fired of course, presumably by a pinhead who doesn’t know the word has nothing whatsoever to do with race, means “stingy,” and is of Swedish derivation. The District of Criminals is of course a black city.

“Kramer” is the latest in a long series of white men who suddenly erupt in a religious, or, more often, a racial outburst, and then spend considerable time groveling in apology. Before there was “Kramer,” there was Mel Gibson, who apparently took off on the Jews after a bender. Sometimes the outburst appears spontaneous. Sometimes it is the product of much provocation.

Remember that Jews and Jewish groups that specialize in provoking lucrative anti-Semitism excoriated Mel for months about his movie, “The Passion,” accusing him of almost everything except child molestation. And the two men who want money heckled “Kramer” at the comedy club. That is Stage One. In Stage Two, the victim, provoked beyond endurance, erupts. In Stage Three, the people he dumps on claim to be insulted. And in Stage Four, the perpetrator publicly grovels and pleads.

By now, this has become routine, to such an extent that I wonder who will be next. What is happening? Notice that you could call people “wops,” “micks,” “dagos,” “honkies,” “krauts,” “mackerel snappers,” “polkas,” and so on, all day. Most of the targets of that terminology would laugh. There would be no backlash. For years, whenever I would see a beautiful Polish lady of my acquaintance in San Francisco, she would press me to tell her the latest Polish jokes.

But you had better have everything securely nailed down if you plan to use the words, “nigger” or “kike.” Even “broad” or “dame” could get you into trouble. The situation is even more farcical when you remember Jesse’s characterization of New York as “Hymietown,” and Al’s involvement in the fraudulent Tawana Brawley hoax.

Many years ago, in New York, there was a club comedian named Myron Cohen. I interviewed him a couple of times. When Myron came out to perform, he looked like a magazine ad for very expensive suits. I asked him about it and he explained that he never sat down in a working suit. That was why he looked so good. When he finished his act he would return to his dressing room and hang it up.

Myron Cohen was Jewish, but that was irrelevant. His “shtick” was dialects. He told ethnic stories in the appropriate dialects, and he could do any one you could name: Irish, Jewish, German, Polish, black, Latino, Italian, you name it. He was riotously funny, and the people in the audience whose dialects he did probably laughed the loudest. But it is probably just as well that Myron is now in Heaven swapping stories with Henny Youngman (“Now take my wife. Please!) because he would not be allowed to work today. He would be sitting down in his stand-up suits.

The answer to my question is that for many years the people of our country have been subjected to the same brainwashing the Soviets used in Russia andCentral Europe; the same brainwashing Mao Tse-tung used on the people of China. And its purpose is the same: to bring the target nation to its knees so that it can be conquered.

Again, I offer my periodic request that you read a couple of books by the man who coined the term “brainwashing,” journalist Ed Hunter. I believe that if enough Americans were to read those books, the “Kramer” problem would evaporate. They are Brainwashing and Brainwashing in Red China. Don’t let the titles fool you. Because Ed Hunter was a journalist and a good writer, both books are very easy to read and exciting.

They will prove that what is happening to us has happened before; it is exactly what the Communists did in Red China. It has nothing to do with the hurt feelings of offended blacks. In fact, the conspirators who are conducting this latest brainwashing campaign couldn’t care less about blacks (or any other minority) whom they consider as inferior as did Simon Legree.

The condemnation of certain words over the course of many years is designed to produce that twinge in your head when you hear words like “nigger,” until you respond as an automaton, like a lab animal in a behavioral science experiment. The ultimate purpose is to neutralize you, to reduce you to a quivering hulk afraid to raise your head, a terrified weakling afraid to speak up, who can be easily manipulated.

Look around you. Isn’t that the atmosphere we have now? No one wants to lose his job, forfeit lots of money and maybe have to undergo “diversity training,” which is just another name for a brainwashing session. Guilt is an enormously effective weapon of control. But if you knew you had nothing to be guilty about, knew you were under attack, the fog would lift.

Notice that the attack is concentrated exclusively on the white man, who is blamed for every problem from asthma to zits. Why? Very simple and it has nothing at all to do with race. The conspiracy for world government assaults the white man because most of the people who run this country are white men. If blacks ran it, the conspirators would be doing the same thing to blacks.

The object is not to indemnify any particular racial, religious or ethnic group for some offense, but to bring America down. That is the explanation for America’s present failure of nerve, for the fact that Americans will grovel before any challenge and acquiesce in any outrage, however outrageous.

That is why homosexuality and Islam – and utterly phony history – are now taught in the government schools. That is why the nation is being invaded by illegal aliens. That is why so-called “mainstream” churches now worship Bush, not Jesus Christ. That is why the Communist scheme to eliminate public expressions of Christianity from this country is succeeding.

The recent incident in which six “imams” were removed from that US. Airways flight is more of the same. The obvious purpose is to put you on the defensive with charges of religious discrimination, paving the way for even greater outrages to come. They can get away with it only because of the guilt expertly installed in the American psyche, starting in kindergarten, continuing through college and then maintained by our Communist media, left and right.

Some years ago, I was guesting on a radio show. The black host asked me how guilty I felt about slavery. He was genuinely nonplused when I said I felt no guilt at all, so I explained that slavery in this country was gone long before my grandfathers were born and that during slavery my progenitors were not even in this country; they were running for their lives somewhere else. He seemed genuinely surprised; what I had said was a revelation.

First read the books and see how the Communists divided the Chinese. See how they divided our POWs in Korea and set them against each other. Then let the scales fall from your eyes. Recognize that the nation cannot be saved unless the brainwashing stops. Remember that if black is beautiful, white is all right. You do not need to apologize for being white. Shake the guilt. Stand tall. Then get some Myron Cohen recordings.

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