Big tobacco and the abortion industry over 37 million abortions served

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Written By Chuck Morse

The “Master Settlement Agreement”, signed by big tobacco and the States, prohibits cigarette advertising that targets minors. In addition, a $1.45 billion “Public Education Fund” is carrying out a nation-wide advertising and education campaign to help reduce youth smoking. The rational for the lawsuit brought against the tobacco companies by the attorney generals, which led to this unprecedented settlement, was that smoking poses a serious health risk, particularly to minors. No argument there. Implied in the settlement as well, is the importance of protecting the morals of our youth from the seductive advertising associated with promoting the evil weed. For the same legal, public health, and moral reasons, our attorney generals should craft a similar agreement with the abortion industry.

The abortion industry along with allied non-profits, lobbyists, media syncopants, propagandists and camp followers, claim to be pro-choice but, for the most part, they are actually pro-abortion. If particularly women knew the truth about abortion, what it actually is in graphic detail, what it does to a woman physically and emotionally not to mention spiritually, few abortions would be requested or performed. Abortion would be, in President Clinton’s words “legal, safe, and rare”. The pro-abortion lobby uses its political and financial muscle to suppress negative information about abortion. If they were as pro-choice as they claim to be, they would prove it by supporting public efforts to discourage abortion.

The history of abortion, while publicly marketed as a woman’s rights issue, was and is a eugenic, population control program tracing back to English scientist Sir Francis Galton. Susan B. Anthony devoted her life to fighting abortion. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, the largest and most influential abortion provider, spoke of “the extermination of human weeds…the cessation of charity…the segregation of morons, misfits, and the maladjusted, and…the sterilization of genetically inferior races”. Sanger publicly championed Hitler’s white supremacist ideas and commissioned Ernst Rudin, the Nazi director of the German Medical Experimental Program to serve as a consultant to Planned Parenthood.

George Grant, in “Killer Angel”, a well documented biography of Sanger, states that Sanger wanted to target the “unfit” to fulfill her goal of “saving the planet”. In this regard, Sanger targeted Negro neighborhoods with her birth control clinics. In 1939, Sanger organized her “Negro Project” designed to eliminate an “inferior race”. Her associates in Germany were designing analogous programs, at the same time, targeting Jews.

Sanger wrote of the need to target “Fundamentalists and Catholics” in addition to “Blacks, Hispanics (and) American Indians” for birth control classifying these groups as “dysgenic races”. Sanger stated that:

“Birth control appeals to the advanced radical because it is calculated to undermine the authority of the Christian churches. I look forward to seeing humanity free someday of the tyranny of Christianity no less than Capitalism”.

Clearly Sanger was not concerned with “women’s rights” but with a totalitarian Socialist ideology that would give an “enlightened” state the power to dispose of populations at will. Not surprisingly, Sanger dabbled in the occult and “new age” as well. When God is removed from the scene, many elite’s, acting in stead of God, feel a “civic responsibility” to decide who lives and dies “for the common good”. Abortion transfers to humans, in place of God, the power to decide who lives and who dies. This is the first step on a slippery slope. This past century saw examples of Sangers utopian Socialist idea in action, the two most notorious being the regimes of Hitler and Stalin. Make no mistake; Sangerism lies at the core of the pro-abortion movement today.

The moral arguments concerning abortion are presently being made by people of conscience, and should continue to be made. It must be admitted, however, that they have not succeeded in significantly stemming the tide. It is not likely that abortion will be outlawed anytime soon. While perhaps a gradualist, reverse Fabian approach could eventually get legislation passed to regulate and restrict abortion, particularly for minors, abortion is here to stay. The battle should be brought to the enemies turf.

The tobacco settlement states that smoking is hazardous to health and studies are funded by the settlement to study the health issues. Who would doubt that studies, funded by an “abortion settlement” wouldn’t uncover serious health questions. The abortion lobby has, so far, been successful in covering up, among other information, a reputable European study that links abortion to breast cancer. Women’s health, apparently, is out the window if it interferes with the abortion agenda.

Recently NPR’s “All Things Considered” conducted an on air panel discussion on the emotional effects of abortion on women who had them in the 70’s and are now reaching menopause. The panelists tried to spin this as a non-issue; to be dealt with in therapy. That they were even discussing it proves that they’re worried. Perhaps some women are experiencing regret or even, perish the thought, having moral qualms. An abortion settlement could study this and other issues scientifically.

The tobacco settlement provides funding for educational programs in public schools to discourage the hazardous practice of smoking. Ditto for abortion. The tobacco settlement pays to publicize information that would lead to a lessening in the numbers of smokers. Ditto for abortion. While the abortion industry is by no means in the same financial league as the tobacco companies, theirs is still an enormously profitable business. Among other sources of revenue, research firms order baby body parts from the clinics off a menu as if they were at a diner.

Lets lobby our attorney generals to bring a class action lawsuit against the abortion industry. Lets insist that a financial settlement go toward an advertising and education campaign with the purpose of discouraging this barbarous and dangerous practice. Beside the clinics themselves, the supporting non-profits and foundations could perhaps be recruited to lend support, particularly as studies prove the damage abortion has caused women. The legal precedent of the tobacco “Master Settlement Agreement” has been set. The abortion lobby, if they are truly pro-choice and not pro-abortion, will support our effort particularly if they are genuinely concerned with woman’s health issues.

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