Big is not better: Centralization abets evil

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Written By Al Cronkrite

Our world is quickly consolidating.   Regional government is already in place in Europe and the trappings have been formulated for North America, Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world.

When I was a lad my mother might have sent me to the local grocery store to buy some flour.  I would ride down on my bicycle, park it in front of the store, enter and stand at the counter.  Shortly a clerk would appear behind the counter and ask what I needed.  Informed of the brand and size the clerk would find the shelf where it was stored, remove the item and bring it to the counter where I was standing.  If there was only one item I would give the clerk my money, he would bag the item, and I would leave.  It there were several items, as they were bagged the prices would be written in pencil on a grocery bag, the clerk would add them and the total would be the cost of the transaction.  When the store was busy more clerks were hired.  There was some waiting but every effort was made to work efficiently with each customer.  The service was personal and individualized.

Today, even in the small towns, individual service has been replaced by mass merchandising where the lower cost staples found at the regional Wal-Mart Super Centers have forced the individual proprietor out of business.  Wal-Mart is close to the pinnacle of centralization.   It is the Godzilla of the retail industry.  Americans spend $36 million each hour at Wal-Mart stores and create a profit of $20,928 each minute.  It is bigger than Home Depot, Kroger, Target, Sears, Costco, and K-Mart combined.  It employs over one and a half million people and is the largest company in the history of the world. (Source ) Seventy percent of the merchandise is imported from China.  One source claims if Wal-Mart was listed among nations trading with China it would be the sixth largest.

Individual service has been eradicated at Wal-Mart stores. Policy decisions are made by faceless executives, passed on to masses of robotic employees, and imposed on customers whose complaints fall on deaf ears.  One size fits all.  The objective is profit, and the atmosphere is cheap, cold, and evil.

A new system of employment is being considered by Wal-Mart. It may already be in place.  It is called “flexible employee schedule management” and requires hourly workers to sit at home “on call” during certain hours until they are needed.  Regular working hours are a thing of the past.  In an atmosphere where hundreds of people line up for jobs whenever a new store opens, employees have become another commodity that will be purchased on a just-in-time basis.

It is an interesting phenomenon that the medical profession functions under a one-size-fits-all pattern is exactly like Wal-Mart.  Treatments for various diseases are standardized and getting a doctor that is willing to individualize treatments is almost impossible.  This, too, is a form of centralization.

Wal-Mart is not the only Godzilla in the business world.  Mergers, acquisitions, buy-outs and other consolidations are occurring in almost every industry.  As businesses grow and become larger it does not take long until the size of a business is inversely proportional to the quality of service to customers.  Big businesses think in terms of dollars which are often rounded off excluding the pennies.

Smaller more competitive businesses could not expect their customers to endure the frustrations involved in offshore service centers where a computer software problem or a glitch in your new television set requires dialing a telephone number, pushing several buttons, waiting sometimes an hour or more and then speaking with an East Indian tech rep that is sometimes difficult to understand.  This would be enough to send most customers elsewhere providing an elsewhere existed.

As masses of Chinese citizens are becoming consumers by acquiring the wealth of a dying America, faceless, Western corporate oligarchs are buying up businesses and natural resources at an alarming rate without regard for national boundaries.

The stark white house and red barn that characterized the family farm is being torn down and the 160 acre farm is being combined with thousands of acres to be farmed with customized seed from Monsanto and hundred thousand dollar tractors from John Deere.  Like the small business owner competing with a Wal-Mart Super Center the family farmer cannot compete with corporate behemoths.

American icon, Budweiser, big in beer and sports, has revenues of $16 billion and employs 30 thousand people.  It is in the process of being merged with InBev which has revenues of $25 billion and employees 36 thousand people.  InBev was formed in a 2004 merger between a Belgium company, Interbrew, and a Brazilian company, AmBev.  Though it is dwarfed by Wal-Mart the removal of control of Budweiser, which produces nearly 50 percent of United States beer, is a serious blow to the sovereignty of this United States industry. Inter-nation mergers of this magnitude have been common in the past decade.  Read about InBev here.

The media (Television, radio, newspapers and books) is dominated by a handful of mammoth corporations which are now increasingly worldwide in scope.  Television has become the major source of information and entertainment for most American citizens and control of news is a powerful tool in manipulating the world population.  One need only consider how the popular candidacy of Congressman Ron Paul was quickly and successfully squelched by media discrimination.  There is no doubt that Ron Paul could have been the Republican candidate for president if the media had decided to back him.  Elections in the United States are controlled by media coverage and media coverage is controlled by the hidden cabal that reigns over our government.  Robert McChesney writing in “Fair” over a decade ago describes our media, ”But on balance the system has minimal interest in journalism or public affairs except for that which serves the business and upper-middle classes, and it privileges just a few lucrative genres that it can do quite well–like sports, light entertainment and action movies–over other fare. Even at its best the entire system is saturated by a hyper- commercialism, a veritable commercial carpetbombing of every aspect of human life. ‘We are here to serve advertisers. That is our raison d’etre.’”

There is an incestuous relationship between some of these humungous entities.  Many are members of organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, and other internationally minded groups.

The hidden power brokers who are able to advance their world government agenda in both Republican and Democratic administrations maintain their power base with the acquiescence of the media.  Ownership which is the norm in Socialist regimes is not necessary when the government can exert total control of properties owned by others.  Major media sources censor the news and spin it to conform to current government propaganda.  This is often accomplished by unspoken but clearly understood agendas.

Mergers and acquisitions, many across national boundaries, are pandemic.  Read a couple of minor lists here and here.

The Christian religion in America is plagued by problems with both centralization and de-centralization.  It has seen both a trend toward mega-churches along with splits which have created a functionally hopeless diversity. (View some of the complexity here.)

Reformed Christianity brought from England in the early years of the Seventeenth Century slowly gave way to the reasonings of men and by the early Nineteenth Century the Reformed Christian roots of the new nation’s premier university, Harvard, had been replaced by more universal and more liberal Unitarianism.  The exclusivity of Christianity was quickly lost and with it God’s ineffable Wisdom.   Colleges and Universities founded by Christians for the purpose of training Christian ministers were distracted by other disciplines that offered high student enrollment.  They soon sacrificed Christian principles in order to grow and be of more service to humanity.

Though the opportunity was clearly available for the framers of our Constitution to define the new nation as Christian, they decided instead to guarantee freedom of religion.  This decision incorporated disobedience to the First Commandment into our Constitution and set the nation up for President George W. Bush’s claim that Christians and Muslims worship the same god. It also opened the door for the entry of heretical antinomian denominations which had been condemned by governments and Reformed councils in Europe. Many of these evangelical groups grew into scores of different Protestant denominations.  The Westminster Confessions were discarded and Reformed theology was subjected to derision. Heresy became popular and cults of various kinds prospered.  The Protestant religion grew into an anarchic monster that has never been tamed.

In more recent years Evangelical churches fueled by the Pelagian heresy became enamored with growth, which is a bogus Commission often equated with God’s blessing.  As the church growth syndrome flourished some churches grew to several thousand members.  This quest for membership required a non-confrontational, seeker friendly pulpit that further deteriorated sound doctrine.  Using a Wal-Mart one size fits all approach to ministry, authority is centralized and preachers no longer know nor are concerned about the individual members of their congregations.

The hapless religious whale they have created has been useless in bringing righteousness to God’s creation.  Instead it has allowed the termites of humanism to eat away most of the Godly structure of our society setting the stage for despotism.

Several decades ago when our government was in the process of sharing our wealth with Asia it was popular to try to compete with the quality of manufactured goods coming fromJapan.  Several years after the Japanese had toured American manufacturing facilities with their ubiquitous cameras and had begun to make close tolerance, zero defect parts at many of their plants, United States manufacturers decided they should go to Japan to find out how they were doing it.  They found the secret was decentralization.  The Japanese had vested each employee with responsibility for the quality of the part being produced.   Japanese workers took great pride in their work and were producing some of the highest quality products available on world markets.

If Wal-Mart is the Godzilla of the business world the New World Order must be the Godzilla of the government world.  It is the ultimate in centralization accompanied by the ultimate quest for power.   There may be a struggle but, if it is allowed to continue, hegemony will be in the hands of an individual or a small group of individuals whose arbitrary opinions will be foisted on the entire planet.

Now, gentle reader, let’s relate this to God’s expressed desires for His creation.  It was not His intention that His people should be governed by the sinful unpredictable whims of men.  Before choosing Saul as their king He warned of the consequences of their humanistic wish.  God’s perfect plan is that each person obeys His Law and allows King Jesus to be ruler over his heart.   He wishes to be King with His creation in which His immutable standards reign supreme.  When God’s people decided they wanted a human king they made a decision that has cost humanity millions of lives and untold suffering.  We are created beings not designed to govern ourselves.  When we do our evil natures impel us into a quest for more and more power and jurisdiction.

Construction of the Tower of Babel was a continuation of the sin of Adam.   God hampered this sin by dividing those involved with different languages.  He de-centralized His people in order to remove their quest for undue power.

God’s primary form of government is the family with the father at its head.  It is de-centralized with family members obeying God’s Law under the father’s authority.  The national government has two basic duties:  One, to protect the families that make up the nation; and two, carry out the punishments meted out by magistrates. National power is very limited.

God uses tyranny as punishment for disobedience.  It is an aberrant system.

The objective behind the new world order is centralization – another attempt to build the Tower of Babel.

A Christian social order needs a just mechanism for preventing 80 percent of its citizens from becoming servants to an elite 20 percent.  It needs to do this without violating the Eighth Commandment by stealing money from one class and giving it to another.  The Year of Jubilee honors the Creator and might also serve a sterling economic purpose.   It has its roots in God’s Sabbath.   Every seventh year the land was to lay fallow and following the seventh seven-year-cycle was the year of Jubilee.  In the year of Jubilee debts were forgiven, slaves were freed and land was returned to its original owners.  God does not intend that the wealthiest 1 percent control wealth equal to the bottom 2.5 billion.  He understands that all men are not created equal and within the give and take of the social order those with more ability will tend to accumulate the wealth of those who have less.  The year of Jubilee was intended in part to remedy this disparity.  There will always be poor but the poor should be a minority.  When tiny minorities control huge concentrations of wealth freedom and order are jeopardized.

Human hearts are evil even when redeemed and the accumulation of power in fewer and fewer hands is dangerous, more so for heathen but for Christians as well.

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