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Remember communism: Lessons learned

Published 17y ago -

More than a decade after the collapse of what Ronald Reagan rightly called the Evil Empire, some continue to not take the evils of communism seriously enough. According to the Black Book of Communism, this monstrous ideology killed over 100 million people. Yet... More »

Time to axe the tax?: The small government act

Published 18y ago -

Politically, Massachusetts and New Hampshire are as different as two bordering states can possibly be. New Hampshire is a predominantly Republican enclave in the Northeast, the only New England state to vote for George W. Bush in 2000. Massachusetts is a Democ... More »

America: Empire or global welfare provider?

Published 18y ago -

Recently on Ether Zone, there has been some debate over whether “empire” is an appropriate word to describe the United States, either presently or as some would like to see it reconstituted in the future. Columnists such as Justin Raimondo have arg... More »