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Government schools: Common core indoctrination

Published 7y ago -

Over the last half century, the public school establishment in America has achieved enormous results, if the intention was to dumb down the population. The term public is archaic, since the current age promotes an internationalist interdependency culture, wher... More »

California dreaming: Bankruptcy, pension, and taxes

Published 9y ago -

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System lives in the rarified air where financial magic somehow materializes to pay for their irrational exuberant pensions. When the drug high is over, the real world requires a harsh penalty for ebullient irre... More »

Lunacy of FEMA: Hurricane insurance subsidy

Published 9y ago -

One of the most ludicrous fantasies of the self-indulgent is that a property owner has an entitlement of subsidized government flood insurance. The inherent risk of building along the ocean shoreline is self-evident. The benefits that enhance the pleasure of p... More »

Nobel peace prize: For AWOL war president

Published 10y ago -

William Jefferson Clinton was called the first black president. Now it can be said that Barry Soetoro is the first female president. What justifies such a label? Clearly, Barack Hussein Obama has no cojones. The Ipanema vacationer practices his African samba c... More »

A bubble ready to pop?: Castle in every pot

Published 15y ago -

A storm is on the horizon.  Just because it’s another hurricane season, the tempest ready to engulf will not be tracked by eyes in the skies.  A forecast for this whirlwind won’t be made on the weather channel or by a meteorologist.  The climate that triggers ... More »

Missing link that allows despotism: A class of thieves

Published 15y ago -

With all the talk and rumors of a future impeachment of George W. Bush, some awareness of past perspective needs to take hold of wild fantasies. All those wishful anti-Bush prognosticators pin their hopes on a Democratic Congressional rout in the November 2006... More »

C-bed: Community based energy development alternatives

Published 15y ago -

The fundamental purpose of allowing any Wind Power Project within the jurisdiction of the Town of Cohocton should and must achieve a genuine public benefit. The corporate model of 95% for the company and a mere 5% divided up among landholders and municipalitie... More »


Published 15y ago -

Image courtesy of Ze’ev Barkan under CC BY 2.0. Much has been written about the recent Palestinian election that has Hamas the victor.  If elections have any connections with the public will at a given point in time, it can be concluded that political ch... More »