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Show BioHide BioRed Phillips is a physician from Georgia. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.Red Phillips may be contacted at: redphillipsmd@yahoo.com

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Revolution from within: GOP or third party

Published 6y ago -

My recent Ether Zone column, “Revolution from Within: From Whence a New Conservative Movement,” generated a lot of comments. The comments were mostly positive but not all were. I noticed from the feedback I received that there was some confusion ab... More »

The “American system”: It us un-American

Published 8y ago -

President Obama’s recent “you didn’t build that” comment has ignited quite a debate.  Interestingly, this debate has brought to the forefront the terminology and the idea of the “American System.” James Pinkerton covers the history of the “American System” wel... More »

Pro-war libertarians: Is there such a thing?

Published 13y ago -

Ever heard of a pro-War libertarian? They are also affectionately referred to as liberventionists? Talk show host and Fair Tax guy Neal Boortz is supposedly one of them.Blogger and Republican Consultant Eric Dondero is another. Personally though, I don’t reall... More »

Intelligent design: My “modest proposal”

Published 14y ago -

A Constitutionally illiterate (and Bush appointed, by the way) U. S. District Judge recently ruled against a Pennsylvania school district, overturning the mandated “teaching” of Intelligent Design (ID) in the science classroom. This was a victory f... More »