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Africa and China’s future: Morals serve a purpose

Published 14y ago -

Last week I ran across an article that didn’t get much press or discussion. China has crossed the threshold into the realm of self-destruction again. Their first step in that direction was turning to communism. If you think back a little you’ll remember the ‘o... More »

Civility: When four year olds rule

Published 14y ago -

It is interesting to read some of the polls out of Europe, who we should be grateful for. Let me rephrase that: We in the West (as in the USA) would be very grateful for the EU clowns if we had the capacity to learn something and retain it. A recent poll in Ge... More »

The bankers untrust: It just keeps on getting better

Published 16y ago -

Many people like to take the conspiratorial view of history a little too far. One of the most favorite names to bandy about is that of the evil Rothschild’s. That being said here we go. Quite often we hear about the evil that Lincoln did against the Constituti... More »