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Political scavenging: Obama’s verminology

Published 7y ago -

Scott Brown began an ignominious career in the Kennedy Senate Chair by voting against his party. We are appropriately reminded of the old school cheer – “What’s the color of horseshit? Brown! Brown! Brown!” After his brief association w... More »

Political litter box: The usual occupants

Published 9y ago -

A schoolboy riddle asks, “Why don’t fish have feet?” The answer is – “Because they don’t want to step in anything.” It also explains why extraterrestrials don’t have feet – because they don’t want to land in Washington. The Clinton campaign is like a pac... More »

Hillary: Wiccan of Wellesley Hex appeal

Published 14y ago -

Bill Clinton had ambitions to run for a third term, and, as an inducement for Hillary’s support, offered to name her First Lady for Life – but as he confided friends, “the witch wouldn’t buy it”. Hence, Hillary is Bill’s fin... More »

Clintonism: The vulgarization of America (Part IV)

Published 15y ago -

Here is more of whatever you didn’t want to know about Bill Clinton, who has the distinction of being an unwanted pregnancy that grew up to become President. At Oxford Clinton is remembered as “the Drop-Out Kid”. In Arkansas he is celebrated as the Drop-Out Dr... More »

The Clintons: America’s arkancurse

Published 16y ago -

Image courtesy of Marc Nozell under CC BY 2.0. Judas is back in town. George W. Bush has still not learned that you can’t charm the Clintons anymore than you can de-criminalize them. During a recent interview with George Stephanopolous (Clinton’s f... More »

George W. Bush: Clueless in Islam

Published 17y ago -

Image courtesy of The Bush Center under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. There is no question that democracy is not taking root in Iraq – but only a question of who will reign over the rubble. In any event, we are there, and as Bette Davis said so succinctly in the movie, Bey... More »