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Show BioHide BioNathan Porter's Who Sucks columns are OPINION based on fact. This column, usually written in a blind rage, is used to expose fraudulent politicians and public figures who, in his opinion, suck. E-mail him at Nporter@bsnn.netWe invite you to visit his website: www.bsnn.net

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Bill Press

Who Sucks? Bill Press: Natural Born Loser

Published 19y ago -

Now I remember why I hate CNN so much. For the longest time I thought it was Ted Turner, but even after he sold his interest in it I still hated the network. Then I assumed it must have been Bernie Shaw. But he is gone and the hate lingers. It’s an odd hate, r... More »

Who sucks this week?: The God of Paul Begala

Published 20y ago -

Normally, I prefer not to attack the looks of an ideological opponent, but when it happens to be someone as ugly as Paul Begala why not. Let’s start with his forehead, which is the size of his home state of Texas and easily takes up one half of his face.... More »

A foul fowl: Or, why the french stink

Published 20y ago -

Is there any doubt why Chuck Jones made Pepe le Pew (the animated skunk who stunk) French? To paraphrase Gertrude Stein, in France, one must adapt oneself to the fragrance of a urinal, which isn’t surprising given the fact that in much of Europe one must pay f... More »