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Show BioHide BioMike Smith is a freelance writer from Wisconsin. He is probably not either of the Mike Smiths you know. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.Mike Smith can be reached at: AllenWinston100@hotmail.com

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Star Parker’s bashing of those forced to pay our way

Published 10y ago -

Truth to Star Parker…I repeat, Truth to Star Parker…    I say one last time, Truth…get to Star Parker, she’s badly in need of an understanding- of an exposure to reality. I don’t mean to be mean to Star Parker, I often agree with her…not today, though.  ... More »

Socialist architect for our age: The savior Paul Ryan

Published 11y ago -

Do you know what the difference is between the government currently stealing your grandparents’ and parents’ and your money through the Social Security program and the government stealing, in the future, your money from your 401(k) or other retirement program?... More »

Are you right? Or are you left?

Published 14y ago -

We need a simpler standard regarding the identification of political philosophies.  I am attempting to clarify- that is simplify- the way we identify government ideologies.  This is not meant as a comprehensive exercise (that would take many hours) but it is a... More »

Magic modern wonder drugs: Sorts of sorcery?

Published 15y ago -

There is, as you well-read readers doubtless know, great money to be made in drugs these days.  The most profitable and most widely used are those that seem to be for the purpose of providing “personality-in-a-bottle.”  There are many people turnin... More »