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Show BioHide BioJohn LeBoutillier is a former U.S. Congressman and a nationally recognized political commentator. He has been a frequent guest on many national talk show programs and is author of the book Harvard Hates America. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.John LeBoutillier can be reached at: johnlebout@johnlebout.comHe keeps an archive of his articles at: JohnLeBout.com

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McCain: Enemy of the pows

Published 5y ago -

With the publication just two weeks ago of the New York Times bestseller – AN ENORMOUS CRIME; The Definitive Account of US POWs Abandoned in SE Asia – it is inevitable that the role in the POW issue of Senator – and former POW – John Mc... More »

McCain: What does he stand for?

Published 7y ago -

Three months after (somehow) winning the GOP nomination for President, Senator John McCain has so far failed to put any flesh on his almost-bare political bones. In other words, McCain is an empty shell – or, as Gertrude Stein said of Oakland, “The... More »


Cia vs. Bush/Cheney huge ramifiactions

Published 13y ago -

The startling revelation that all 24 intelligence agencies in our government agree that Iran stopped their nuclear weapons development in 2003 is a shot across the bow of G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Seriously furious over how Bush and Cheney misused ambiguous i... More »

Ron Paul and the 2008 race

Published 13y ago -

No 2008 GOP candidate has as much ‘going on’ on the Internet than Congressman Ron Paul. His passionate supporters are networking over the Web and through emails much more effectively than the 3 so-called top-tier GOP candidates – Romney, Giuliani and McC... More »

Clinton & Armitage: Two peas in a pod

Published 14y ago -

Bill Clinton and Richard Armitage: two peas in a pod. Two inveterate, congenital liars who have never made a mistake in their lives – and who love to blame any and everybody but themselves. Bill Clinton’s performance on Sunday morning’s Fox newscast was ... More »

Empty words: No longer believable

Published 14y ago -

The President’s 9/11 speech commemorating the fifth anniversary of that tragic day points out why a solid majority of Americans no longer trust him – and believe his is already a ‘failed presidency.’ His pledge – dragged out of a dark, musty closet... More »

Too late: The White House just doesn’t get it

Published 14y ago -

As Carole King sang thirty years ago, “It’s too late, Baby.” She was referring to romance, but in this context it is too late for Team Bush to recapture the loyalty of the conservative GOP base. Immigration/amnesty, Dubai Ports, Harriet Meyers, Katrina, defici... More »

Mayday: Double meanings

Published 14y ago -

Mayday. May Day. Double meanings: The first is the international call sign for a pilot in distress and he needs a rescue immediately. The second is the Soviet Communist anniversary of the triumph – Ha! – of their Revolution. Monday’s May First pro-... More »

Reason for being listening to your conscience

Published 16y ago -

Have you ever wondered, “What is the purpose of my life?” Or, “Why am I here?” Or have you ever felt worthless – as if you didn’t count – and that the world would be “just the same without me”? And that you “make absolutely no difference in the cou... More »

Kerry’s reaction swift boat controversy

Published 16y ago -

What the Swift Boat Controversy has done is show the world what many of us have known for years: John Kerry is a completely ruthless, calculating, pathological, overly-ambitious liar who will do anything to win the White House. However, as bad as things seem f... More »