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Show BioHide BioJoe Sansone is the founder and president of USA Daily as well as a weekly columnist. Mr. Sansone is the co-founder and former vice-chairman of the American Reformation Project Joe has previously hosted a Central Jersey Talk Radio Show and is the former chairman of the Reform Party of New Jersey as well as the former chairman of Pat Buchanan's presidential campaign in New Jersey. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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The new testament: A nasty little document

Published 16y ago -

‘The Passion of the Christ’, Mel Gibson’s depiction of the last twelve hours of Jesus has finally hit theatres after months of what seem to be nothing more than bigoted attacks. Detractors have called the movie anti-Semitic and have attempted to smear Mr. Gibs... More »

Economic treason or just plain treason?

Published 17y ago -

The United States has now entered a war that is quickly revealing the national security dangers of a radical free trade ideology that has dominated both political parties since at least the late eighties. A recent commentary piece about The Wrong Camouflage on... More »

Bush makes slick Willie…: Look like an amateur

Published 17y ago -

As the nation prepares for Tuesday’s State Of The Union address, the president is making ready for another sales pitch for his war on Iraq. Americans will be told that Iraq is building up weapons of mass destruction parallels will be drawn to Adolph Hitler and... More »

George W. FDR: The 9-11 cover up

Published 17y ago -

Image courtesy of slagheap under CC BY-SA 2.0. On December 7th 1941 Pearl Harbor was bombed by a Japanese sneak attack, condemning thousands of souls to the bottom of the sea, and sealing the fate of a nation. The United States would enter the Second World War... More »

The border war: Politicians on the wrong side

Published 17y ago -

Most probably wouldn’t give much thought to the monumental effort involved to raise an army from scratch but throughout history raising armies was a necessity. From Julius Caesar to George Washington, great leaders managed to find a way to assemble the masses.... More »


Israel’s New Policy of Terrorism on American Soil

Published 18y ago -

A recent UPI report outlined Israel’s new policy of assassinating suspected terrorists on American soil. In other words, Israel is now going to officially carryout terrorism on U.S. soil. Isn’t that what murder is? As an American citizen you cannot murder, why... More »

United States troops…: Under United Nations command

Published 18y ago -

Image courtesy of Joint Hometown News Service under CC BY 2.0. President Bush has allowed United States troops to be placed under United Nations command in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. This move violates campaign promises not to place United States t... More »