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Show BioHide BioGordon Bishop is a national award winning author, historian and syndicated columnist, and New Jersey’s first "Journalist-of-the-Year" - New Jersey Press Association/1986. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.Gordon Bishop can be reached at: GJBishop@aol.com

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Obama and the democrat party: Bankrupting the USA!

Published 7y ago -

Thanks to Barack Hussein Obama and his liberal-socialist-Marxist Democrat party, America is sinking into a deep and long Depression not seen in the United States since the 1930s Great Depression. How could this have happened? Simple. The liberal Tax-and-Spend ... More »

Obama’s Islamic world has conquered America!

Published 9y ago -

Obama’s wish came true: He was elected by ignorant liberal-Marxist voters who support his “Dream” of turning America into an Islamic Nation.   Just what we, the people, need because Islam hates America and our Judeo-Christian values and ... More »

Stop Obama’s assault on Christian rights!

Published 9y ago -

Barack Obama has repeatedly expressed his contempt for America’s culture and values when he refused to wear an American flag pint during the presidential campaign…refused to stand at attention and place his hand over his heart for the Pledge of All... More »

Global warming: Happens every 1,500 years

Published 15y ago -

The response to my column on global warming February 5 was a balanced mix of those who believe in the “warming theory,” and those who don’t. The column was headed: “Humans Prefer Warm Over Cold Climates.” The “global warming” warriors, led by environmental ext... More »

‘Jihad terrorists hate president Bush’: Duh!

Published 15y ago -

Have you heard that the latest Pew Research Poll found that young Jihad terrorists hate the President of the United States? Duh! President George W. Bush is the only world leader fighting the global war on terror. It doesn’t take a national poll to learn that ... More »

Terrorists win U.S. referendum on Iraqi war

Published 16y ago -

According to polls in the Mideast during this year’s congressional election, terrorists supported a win for the liberal Democrat party because Democrats bitterly attacked President Bush for the global war on terror, especially in Iraq. Every Democrat in Congre... More »