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Show BioHide BioGeoff Metcalf is a veteran columnist and author with careers in radio, print journalism, advertising and consulting. His new book, In The Arena is now availbable. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.We invite you to visit his website at: geoffmetcalf.comGeoff Metcalf can be reached at: geoff@geoffmetcalf.com

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Reasonable gun control: Support H.R. 648

Published 17y ago -

Who would have thunk it? A Congressional bill has been introduced to defend your Second Amendment rights that is reasonable and makes sense. Which probably means Schumer/Boxer/Feinstein/Clinton will go ballistic vilifying it. H.R. 648 was recently introduced b... More »

O Henry: Prelude to another cover-up

Published 17y ago -

The appointment of Henry Kissinger to head up the allegedly “impartial” investigation of 9/11 is sooooooooooooo wrong. If the government intends to manufacture another “lone gunman” fiction, come on guys…at least create the perception o... More »

Memorial day remembered: Duty, honor, country

Published 17y ago -

Memorial Day is a day to honor those American servicemen we paid the ultimate price for our liberty and freedom. I have often quoted “The Warrior Creed” of the late Dr. Robert Humphrey as crystallized by Jack Hoban: “Wherever I go, everyone i... More »

Get a gun: Militias may again save the Republic

Published 18y ago -

The best way I know to win an argument is to start by being in the right. — Lord Hailshan We are at war and every one of us has a responsibility and a right to defend each other and ourselves. This is not hyperbole. It is not fear mongering. It is FACT. ... More »