Cindy-Lou Dale

Show BioHide BioCindy-Lou Dale was born in a small town in the northern part of South Africa. She graduated from high school and received further education in the United States, the United Kingdom and again, back in South Africa. Dale currently lives in Belgium. She has recently embarked on a freelance writing career and strives to bring the plight of Africa to the attention of a global audience. She is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.Cindy-Lou Dale can be reached at: cindyloudale@hotmail.com

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The Asian Tsunami: Another Manmade Disaster

Published 6y ago -

I find the conspiracy theorists of this world somewhat tiresome. Even more so, I am disbelieving of the feeble, highly processed and refined news stream that television provides. One such rhetoric is the recent tsunami tragedy of December 2004. Compelled to fi... More »

The Mandela myth: The genesis of the end

Published 17y ago -

Being of South African origin and having a white skin has, over the decades, been a curse. I have been classified as racist before opening my mouth and quite frankly, I’m sick to death of it. Not so long ago, while preparing to interview a blowhard African-Ame... More »

The rape of a nation: The shame of a nation

Published 17y ago -

If the future of a country is said to lie in its children, why then is South Africa so determined to obliterate and defile theirs? The violent culture in South Africa has bred another abomination – babies are being raped, infected with HIV/AIDS and then ... More »

Let us pray: South African farm murders

Published 17y ago -

The congregation was bowed in Sunday prayer. The church doors burst open and four well armed men stormed in. Women began screaming, men protectively sheltered their loved ones from view – then the loud explosion of automatic rifle fire and pistol shots e... More »