Are you right? Or are you left?

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Written By Mike Smith

We need a simpler standard regarding the identification of political philosophies.  I am attempting to clarify- that is simplify- the way we identify government ideologies.  This is not meant as a comprehensive exercise (that would take many hours) but it is a two-minute, bare-bones starter kit in usefully discerning left wing from right wing.  I think that the best way to group the differing political government ideologies is by this standard:


If you have paper and pencil handy, write “Dictatorship” (there are various kinds) on the far left of your paper and draw a long line to the right that terminates with your writing “US CONSTITUTION” just to the left of the right end.  You will then have a continuum onto which you can write additional government types.  The whole of this continuum will help clarify a proper way to think about government ideologies as you then fill in the various other government types, going from more controlling of the people (on the left) to less controlling of the people (on the right).   Below is what you have so far.

Dictatorship                                                                     US CONSTITUTION


Let us directly turn to Communism.  The textbooks tell us (if you read between the lines) that there is no such thing as a communist government.  This is because communism is actually considered the “withering away of the state” (the government) and all of the people co-existing in a collective fashion with all benefits and responsibilities of their collective efforts being equitably shared by every member of the community.  Here is a problem, you might think, as those of us over 30 years old, anyway, remember the history of the  “communist” evil empire, more formally known as the USSR.  We were told that it was run by communists and we know that the government of the USSR (often just referred to as “Russia”) was a brutal, oppressive, totalitarian and imperialist government that unjustly killed millions of its citizens and other people during its rule.  This exercise, though, is a work dealing with ideology, not practice.  You would put communism then, just to the right of US CONSTITUTION.  But communism isn’t a form of government, it is a lack of government, and will not, therefore, appear on our list.  File it next to anarchy out in the realm of fantasy.

Once you correctly identify fascism as the unholy alliance of big government and business that is ultimately subservient to that big government, for the purpose of exercising power over the governed, you should quickly come to the realization that fascism is left wing.  It is not right wing, as many left-wingers would have you believe.  Fascism is merely that immoral alliance that business and government use to empower each other for the purpose of fleecing the people.  One example of what a fascist form of government may employ is allowing existing businesses to lobby government to enact legislation that would prevent others from starting new, competing businesses.  This would be done by those existing businesses giving money to legislators who then enact new and oppressive regulations that would inhibit the creation of new, competing businesses.  The wise businessman gives money to both Demoncrats and Republican’ts because only those in pitiable denial don’t understand that both parties lust for power, not the righteousness of the Constitution.


I reiterate, then: Fascism is much closer to “Dictatorship” than it is to “US CONSTITUTION.”  Put it near “Dictatorship” on the leftwing of our continuum.
One of the main problems we have in this country is that our government is also much closer to fascism than to US CONSTITUTION.  In fact, I maintain that our government is now (illegally) operating quite outside the Constitution and is a practicing fascist government.  So while the US CONSTITUTION is a workable standard of government by the people, the like of which has never been seen otherwise, the practice of the US government is fascist.


What about Democracy?  You know, majority rules?  It’s counterintuitive to think of Democracy as controlling of the people but it is.  Shade it to the left on your continuum.  Democracy is, after all, merely the will of the majority.  If the majority in a Democracy is not constrained by a Constitution (and/or well-formed conscience) then the majority determines how minorities will be dealt with.  I believe I needn’t say more about that; it is quite clear what a majority might do with a minority if you understand history.  If you don’t understand the difference between a democracy and our former government which is properly defined by- and was once properly constrained by- the US CONSTITUTION (and a moral people) this will help explain:   US CONSTITUTION:  Article IV; Section 4 – “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government,”

And since we’re at it, excuse me while I digress and get just a bit esoteric. From the “US CONSTITUTION” add another segment to our line going farther to the right. Terminate it, and this time I MEAN TERMINATE IT where you then write ”JESUS.”   There is a time coming when Jesus will be actively the KING of the Earth and the whole of the universe.  I know that it is counterintuitive to think of a KING as being on the end of the line where there is less government control but it is, as I said, esoteric.   Once you come to understand that the yoke of the Lord is easy and his burden is light, you will then understand that where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.  That may be the greater point, here.   It matters, greatly, what type of government you live under, of course.  However, all governments that have been- and all governments that are- will one day be gone and be forgotten.  The government that will be will endure forever.


(By the way, I beg your forgiveness for actually choosing merely one scriptural passage to link to that name by which you must be saved.  I know of no way to link His name to countless passages.  I certainly do NOT suggest to limit the Savior in any way.)

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