Anarchy in the mind: Dominion detractors just haven’t got it!

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Someone sent me an E-Mail of a recent article on the Rense page written by Karl Schwarz attacking Dominionists.

Mr. Schwarz seems to be a popular source of information for Jeff Rense and does appears to have something other than erroneous sarcasm to offer.  I was glad to find that out since he is mentally challenged on Dominion theology.

In another piece of Rense vomit Maureen Farrell attempts to compare Christians with Hitler.

Then there is “The Bible Fraud“.

Obviously, I am not a regular reader of the Rense page but occasionally someone sends me one of the posts and they often contain a measure of truth.

There is a lesson to be learned here. Christians need to be careful whose rhetoric they support. In these confusing times those who appear to be allies are often in fact enemies. Agreement on one issue or even on a series of issues does not make one a Christian and even those who claim the name of Christ are often far from Biblical reality.

Describing himself as a Conservative Christian Republican (he later writes that Christian Conservative is oxymoranic) Mr. Schwarz rants mockingly on attempting to denigrate a theology he knows very little about.

He wants to coin a new word “Dominionista”. Since the “ista” suffix is of Spanish origin and is often described as mildly sarcastic we might suggest that the author is a “Christianista” not only attempting to bring his own definition to his new word but his own theological confusion as well.

First, pseudo-Christians and Evangelicals seek and often think they receive messages directly from God. Most Dominionists look for guidance in God’s Laws rather than in the questionable realm of direct communication. They abhor the chaos created by Christianistas who seek to be ineffably “led”.

Second, Dominionists seek Godly control over all of His creation. The separation of church and state would be just fine with most Dominionists provided the state remained under the firm control of the same overarching legal structure as the church. This scornful writer recommends a secular state and a Christian church. He should be very happy with our current situation – America is a house divided against itself.

With his lid flipped, the acerbic critic proceeds to take on the likes of George Grant. I have read some of George Grant’s writings and let me tell you, Karl Schwarz is no match for Donald Duck, let alone George Grant.

Because he does not trust his fellow Christians, the writer is willing to deprive the Creator of dominion over His own creation. Opting for the enlightened segment of America’s founding he goes for religious pluralism in spite of the plain warning God gave to his ancestors regarding foreign religions. Though this theologically challenged pseudo-expert fails to recognize it, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is a jealous God – He said so Himself!

Now let’s return to theology 101 for a moment. Our puerile theology student is concerned about legislating morality. Since all law is moral every statute legislates morality! Nations that embrace God’s Laws embrace a righteous social order while nations that embrace human law embrace secularism. Theological vapidity has allowed American Christians to actively seek life under pagan laws.

I fear our Demeanor of orthodox Christian theology has overlooked an event that is often overlooked by his brethren. Jesus has already come and is already Lord. It was Jesus who taught us to pray “Thy Kingdom Come” and it was that same Jesus who said it was propitious that He go to the Father because His death would bring power to His followers. It was also that same Jesus who said that only the Father knew the time of the end.

Now why would God convert men to Himself, send His Son to imbue them with power, and then require them to stand aside while His enemies possess His creation? No, God has not changed He is still the same God that chose Abraham, and the nation he produced, and patiently made every effort to bring righteousness, peace, joy, and prosperity to it through obedience to His legal structure – in spite of its stiff necked people. No, He has not changed, it is still His desire to bring those same blessings to His Church and by the same means, through the dominion of an obedient people, forgiven and empowered by His Holy Spirit.

The writer of this diatribe is not only misinformed but appears to be full of resentment over the Godly requirement of obedience. He may have forgotten that it is the narrow path that leads to righteousness The narrow path is the path of obedience – not to people but to the Laws of God.

We need to get this straight! God’s legal structure cannot, cannot be imposed on a pagan nation. God crafted His Laws for an obedient people. Laws set the religious standard of nations but if they are not obeyed they are useless. Dominionists wait for hearts to turn toward God and wisdom to enter His creatures, only then will the benefits of obedience to God’s Laws be desired and tenable.

This Messianic Jew also seems to be confused about the agenda of Dominionists and the agenda of Evangelicals. President Bush and the NeoCon empire builders are certainly not Dominionists, they garner most of their support from an Evangelical base and have little or no regard for a Godly legal structure. Some Dominionists may support them but many do not. The erroneous, fatalistic agenda of most Evangelicals involves an attempt to manipulate the only Great God by supporting Israel as a link in the advent of Christ’s return. Though his actions belie it, President Bush claims to be a disciple of The Christ and this profession has cemented Evangelical support in spite of his dismal record.

Jews who boast of their anti-Zionist stance are only partially right. They are correct in resisting Zionism but the reason for their resistance is invalid. What is going on in the Middle East is a breach of the Commandment against stealing. Secular attempts to repatriate land that belongs to another is stealing. Israeli leadership has never considered the Biblical requirements of returning to God and obeying His voice. Present day Israel is a human creation being foisted on Arabs by human avarice with the bogus appropriation of historic ownership. Anti-Semitism is an arrogant concern. What is important is that it is a great sin against God, Himself.

Jesus was born as Savior to His brethren. Rejecting Him has brought Jews unspeakable misery in two different forms. One, they have been persecuted for their aberrant religion wherever they have gone, and Two, they have brought horrendous sin to every society in which they have gained a foothold.

Many Dominionists are staunchly against Bush’s War believing that the former City on a Hill should adhere to the advise of its founders and avoid foreign wars and foreign entanglements. Most of us are theonomists; we want His Kingdom to come and His Will to be done and we firmly believe His Law contains His Will and that it is the only source of blessing and peace left to our sinking world.

We would be pleased to find the American government willing to obey the Constitution – this sort of obedience would be a major step forward. However, when those who claim the name of Jesus and seek the blessing of His Father actively prefer the secular statutes of America’s Founders to the Laws God gave to Moses they pursue a conflicted religion that places the creatures wisdom above the Creators.

I have written extensively on this subject and there are always those who mock these precious Statues. They point out that God required death for the desecration of His Sabbath, for homosexuality, and for some thirty other crimes. They write and speak about these requirements as if their own estimation of justice is superior to God’s. They fail to consider the arbitrary extinquishment of human life that has characterized every governmental structure that has usurped the Kingship of God and the untold millions of citizens that have been murdered by these governments during the Twentieth Century alone.

Yes, God’s Laws require death for over a score and ten infractions. But not only are these infractions written and simple enough for every citizen to understand, but if obeyed they promise a peace and prosperity that has not been know on planet earth for hundreds of years, if then.

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