America’s road to communism: Have the hammer? Buy the sickle

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Written By Robert Sentry

Communism is defined as follows:

A system of government in which the state plans and controls the economy and a single, often authoritarian party holds power, claiming to make progress toward a higher social order in which all goods are equally shared by the people.

America currently is weak in one component, strong in the second and very strong in the third—being two thirds of the way there, the United States is well on its way to full communist status. Once you get over the idea that it is necessary to have a leader with big bushy eyebrows threatening the world as Brezhnev did, you then start looking at the three components with an open mind. It is possible to be a nice generous nation with a friendly leader and normal eyebrows and still have a communist form of government.

In order:

State plans and controls the economy . . . . . Of the three parts to this definition, this is by far the weakest in claiming America is becoming communist. The global economy is 80% of the world economy and it, plus the business cycle, controls our economy. However, $2 trillion plus of spending by the government, and $1 trillion plus of domestic “equal sharing” wealth transfer, is a good start in stating that “the state plans and controls the economy” but the fact is that the economy is not controlled (yet) by the state.

Single, often authoritative party holds power . . . . . America today is controlled by one political party. Uninformed people can talk all they want about the two-party system, but clearly the Democrats and the Republicans are only slightly different flavors of one master party—the party of domestic and global welfare. America is second fiddle to world globalism, and both parties are driving American taxpayers deeper into a taxing slave state. There is remarkably little difference between the two parties. The inability of a third party to gain any traction solidifies the one-party system that controls governmental power.

A higher social order in which all goods are equally shared by the people . . . . . This is clearly the strongest component of the three segments. Volumes have been written on many examples of the attempt to create a “higher social order” and the drive to take independence and personal achievement away from those with greater abilities or intelligence, especially in the school system run by communists in the National Education Association. The $1.5 trillion dollar plus wealth transfer from taxpayers to nontaxpayers is the most obvious example of this third trait.

Two of the three traits are solidly in place in America today. We may not be fully communist yet, but we are surely 66.7% there.

There is an endless supply of examples in the social world of America that confirms the claim of a “higher social order in which all goods are equally shared by the people“. From school kids being forced to give up their school supplies into a “share box” for all the students to share, through gay couples being offered the rights of a married man and woman, the push is on socially to make all citizens equivalent to each other and to drain the competitive nature of advancement through excellence that propelled America from its founding through the 1950s.

If you click the chart above, you will see data support that shows the percentage spent on domestic welfare has gone from 28.40% of all Federal spending in the Truman/Eisenhower era in the 1950s (represented by the 1960 data column) to 65.27% in the 2005 budget. The superfunction “Human Resources” is pure domestic welfare. This does not take into account all the global welfare America throws down the black holes of disaster relief, United Nations funding, the IMF and the World Bank, the multitude of various international wealth transfer programs (from American taxpayers to planet earth) and then the direct unilateral grants from the United States to foreign nations, such as the money we have given Pakistan in the “fight against terror”. Add in debt cancellation owed to America by foreign governments, combined with all the above, and no person can legitimately claim that the United States puts America first.

Incredibly, George Bush has increased welfare spending from 62.36% in 2000 to 65.27% in the 2005 estimate—this while we are at war and as the world has become far more dangerous with terrorists states acquiring the nuclear bomb (N. Korea and Iran). You would think there would be a reversal of the rise in welfare spending as Reagan had (as shown in the image for the 1990 slot representing the 1980s), and an increase in Defense spending with the new and growing threats we face.

Sadly so, that is not the case as Bush has added 2.91% to this disgusting trend since 2000. The illegal alien invasion, the retirement of the baby boomers and the soaring birthrate of nontaxpayers will only exacerbate this horrible divergence between social welfare growth and the decline in military spending.

Only the naive will scoff at the idea that America is becoming a communist nation. They fail to understand the definition of communism; they fail to see that our two parties have one agenda. The weakest link of the three—state control of the economy—may indeed be in our future as the steady rise of social welfare spending chokes off funding for all other functions, and the government grabs control of the means of production as rising future taxation kills any incentive to own business enterprises.

The data support table in the expanded image above includes additional notes and definitions of communism and support for the argument that we are headed that way.

America is driving down the road to communism at breakneck speed. There is no neutrality here. The naive group will attempt to ridicule this thesis. The other group, made up of intelligent patriots with a command of the definition of communism, needs to show their outrage and force a reversal from our communist leaning government officials.

Most of you have a hammer, but the great majority of you need to start thinking about buying that sickle.

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