AIPAC’S power base Amer­i­ca’s real ter­ror­ists!

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Our en­tire gov­ern­ment is con­trolled by Is­rael! Through a small, rich and pow­er­ful Jew­ish sup­ported pro-Is­raeli tax-ex­empt lobby, the Amer­i­can Is­rael Pub­lic Af­fairs Com­mit­tee, or sim­ply AIPAC, vir­tu­ally all Amer­i­can do­mes­tic and for­eign pol­icy is now be­ing con­trolled by a for­eign gov­ern­ment en­tan­gle­ment. This is done by tar­get­ing Amer­i­can politi­cians: those who are pro-Is­rael re­ceive cam­paign fund­ing and fa­vor­able pub­lic­ity through a myr­iad of Jew­ish or­ga­ni­za­tions, mag­ni­fied by the lib­eral and De­mo­c­ra­tic Party-lean­ing Amer­i­can press; those politi­cians not fa­vor­ing poli­cies ben­e­fit­ing Is­rael are tar­geted by Jews all over Amer­ica who send money to help fi­nance that politi­cian’s op­po­nent.

For­mer Geor­gia Con­gress­woman, Cyn­thia McK­in­ney, who was crit­i­cal of the dom­i­nance Is­rael en­joyed con­trol­ling our gov­ern­ment, was de­feated in this way by Jew­ish con­tri­bu­tions com­ing in from all over the United States. Those con­tri­bu­tions had to be re­quested en masse, fun­neled to a fi­nance man­ager, and then dis­trib­uted to all the right places to both the op­pos­ing can­di­date and key me­dia out­lets to gen­er­ate the nec­es­sary op­pos­ing cam­paign pro­pa­ganda.

At the Re­pub­li­can Par­ty’s highly ex­pen­sive con­ven­tion bash be­ing or­ches­trated smack in the mid­dle of New York City this week, re­ports: “About 1,500 sup­port­ers of Is­rael at­tended the posh event hosted by United Jew­ish Com­mu­ni­ties, the Re­pub­li­can Jew­ish Coali­tion and the Amer­i­can-Is­rael Po­lit­i­cal Ac­tion Com­mit­tee. The event, held at Pier 60 in Man­hat­tan, was at­tended by dozens of con­gres­sional mem­bers, gov­er­nors and ad­min­is­tra­tion of­fi­cials, and fea­tured Bloomberg, Sen­ate Ma­jor­ity Leader Bill Frist and Bush-Ch­eney cam­paign man­ager Ken Mehlman.”

Post­ing on his web­site In­formed Com­men­tary, and car­ried on An­ti­’s as well, Pro­fes­sor Juan Cole, who teaches his­tory at the Uni­ver­sity of Michi­gan, writes in his Au­gust 28, 2004 piece en­ti­tled, “AIPAC’s Overt and Covert Ops.”: “The Amer­i­can Is­rael Pub­lic Af­fairs Com­mit­tee is a lob­by­ing group that used to sup­port what­ever gov­ern­ment was in power in Is­rael, and used to give money even-hand­edly in­side the US. My per­cep­tion is that dur­ing the past decade AIPAC has in­creas­ingly tilted to the Likud in Is­rael, and to the po­lit­i­cal Right in the United States. In the 1980s, AIPAC set up the Wash­ing­ton In­sti­tute for Near East Pol­icy as a pro-Is­raeli al­ter­na­tive to the Brook­ings In­sti­tu­tion, which it per­ceived to be in­suf­fi­ciently sup­port­ive of Is­rael. WINEP has largely fol­lowed AIPAC into pro-Likud po­si­tions, even though its di­rec­tor, Den­nis Ross, is more mod­er­ate. He is a fig­ure­head, how­ever, serv­ing to dis­guise the far right char­ac­ter of most of the po­si­tion pa­pers pro­duced by long-term WINEP staff and by ex­trem­ist vis­i­tors and ‘as­so­ci­ates’ (Daniel Pipes and Mar­tin Kramer are among the lat­ter).”

Pro­fes­sor Cole con­tin­ues: “WINEP, be­ing a wing of AIPAC, is enor­mously in­flu­en­tial in Wash­ing­ton. State De­part­ment and mil­i­tary per­son­nel are ac­tu­ally de­tailed there to ‘learn’ about ‘the Mid­dle East’! They would get a far more bal­anced ‘ed­u­ca­tion’ about the re­gion in any Is­raeli uni­ver­sity, since most Is­raeli aca­d­e­mics are pro­fes­sion­als, whereas WINEP is a ‘think tank’ that hires by ide­ol­ogy.”

There are many ways AIPAC mag­ni­fies its in­flu­ence over Amer­i­can gov­ern­ment, and tar­get­ing politi­cians dur­ing elec­tions is only one of them. In this pres­i­den­tial elec­tion, re­flect on how both Sen­a­tor John Kerry and Pres­i­dent George Bush are one in their sup­port for Is­rael. Note also how for­mer fron­trun­ner Dr. Howard Dean be­came toast af­ter he merely sug­gested a more bal­anced ap­proach to the Is­raeli-Pales­tin­ian con­flict, which was cre­ated and con­tin­ues to be ex­ac­er­bated by Is­rael’s im­pe­ri­al­ism and eth­no­cide.

Cole ex­plains, “Note that over 80% of Amer­i­can Jews vote De­mo­c­rat, that the ma­jor­ity of Amer­i­can Jews op­posed the Iraq war (more were against it than in the gen­eral pop­u­la­tion), and that Amer­i­can Jews have been enor­mously im­por­tant in se­cur­ing civil lib­er­ties for all Amer­i­cans. More­over, Is­rael has been a faith­ful ally of the US and de­serves our sup­port in en­sur­ing its se­cu­rity. The Likud­niks like to pre­tend that they rep­re­sent Amer­i­can Jewry, but they do not. And they like to sug­gest that ob­ject­ing to their poli­cies is tan­ta­mount to anti-Semi­tism, which is sort of like sug­gest­ing that if you don’t like Chile’s for­mer dic­ta­tor Pinochet, you are big­ot­ted against Lati­nos.”

This ex­pla­na­tion is con­sis­tent with all that I have read on the sub­ject. Jew­ish Zion­ists and their more nu­mer­i­cally pow­er­ful and vo­cal Chris­t­ian Zion­ists, will sup­port any and all Is­raeli poli­cies, and then smear op­po­nents as be­ing “anti-Se­mitic.” Per­haps a bet­ter term to de­scribe these war-mon­ger­ing Jew­ish and Chris­t­ian Zion­ists is to iden­tify them as be­ing “Likud­niks,” in­dica­tive of Is­raeli Prime Min­is­ter Ariel Sharon’s war-mon­ger­ing and geno­ci­dal Likud Party. And it would be en­tirely safe to say that a ma­jor­ity of Jews liv­ing in Is­rael also op­pose Sharon’s atroc­i­ties against the Pales­tini­ans, which is the on­go­ing ba­sis for anti-Is­raeli ter­ror­ism there re­spon­si­ble for the hor­ri­ble deaths and maim­ing of so many of Is­rael’s cit­i­zens.

AIPAC and the neo­con­ser­v­a­tive Likud­niks in the Pen­ta­gon and in the Bush ad­min­is­tra­tion to­day rep­re­sent the great­est threat to world peace. They are plot­ting to ig­nite hos­til­i­ties that could ratchet up to World War III. This would fit in nicely with mar­tial law con­trol over the Amer­i­can pop­u­lace as Gen­eral Tommy Franks en­vi­sioned, and could lead to US rule by a one gov­ern­ment in­ter­na­tional New World Or­der seem­ingly so de­sired by both Bush and Kerry. And sep­a­rate from a world en­gulfed in nu­clear war, we have the con­stant threat of ter­ror­ism by Mus­lim mil­i­tants look­ing to hurt the peo­ple of “The Great Sa­tan” as pro­tec­tor of the most dan­ger­ous regime in the world: Sharon and his Likud Party.

The “out­break” of anti-Semi­tism all over the world is un­mit­i­gated pap and non­sen­si­cal pro­pa­ganda. Mus­lims are not out to de­stroy US be­cause of our wealth, or our free­dom, or even be­cause of our ties to, and ori­gins as, a Judeo-Chris­t­ian na­tion; they fo­ment ter­ror­ism against US be­cause of our mil­i­tary might as the world’s great­est su­per power en­abling Is­raeli eth­no­ci­dal im­pe­ri­al­ism. It is Is­rael that is the trig­ger; we are the big gun.

Com­ment­ing fur­ther on the dom­i­nance of Is­rael’s Likud Party over Amer­i­can pol­i­tics, Cole con­tin­ues: “It should be ad­mit­ted that the Amer­i­can Likud could not make US pol­icy on its own. Its mem­bers had to make con­vinc­ing ar­gu­ments to Rums­feld, Ch­eney and Bush him­self. But they were able to make those ar­gu­ments, by dis­tort­ing in­tel­li­gence, chan­nel­ing Ah­mad Cha­l­abi junk, and pre­sent­ing Big Ideas to men above them that sig­nally lacked such ideas. (Like the idea that the road to peace in Jerusalem ran through Bagh­dad. Ha!)”

Cole’s ob­ser­va­tions con­firm the source of Mus­lim ter­ror­ism: “The Likud poli­cies of re­vers­ing Oslo and steal­ing peo­ple’s land and mak­ing their lives hell has pro­duced enor­mous amounts of ter­ror­ism against Is­rael, and the Likud­niks have clev­erly turned that to their po­lit­i­cal ad­van­tage. Ag­gres­sion and an­nex­a­tion is nec­es­sary, they ar­gue, be­cause there is ter­ror­ism. Some of them now openly speak of eth­ni­cally cleans­ing the Pales­tini­ans, us­ing the same ar­gu­ment. But when the Oslo peace process looked like it would go some­where, ter­ror­ism ta­pered off (it did not end, but then peace had not been achieved).

The draw­back for the US in all this is that US gov­ern­ment back­ing for Sharon’s odi­ous poli­cies makes it hated in the Mus­lim world. (Note that Mus­lims who op­pose Is­raeli ag­gres­sion are of­ten tagged as ‘ter­ror­ists’ by the US gov­ern­ment, but rightwing Jews who go to Pales­tine to col­o­nize it, walk­ing around with Uzi ma­chine guns and some­times shoot­ing down civil­ians, are not ‘ter­ror­ists.’) This lack of bal­ance is one big rea­son that Bin Laden and al-Za­wahiri hit the US on Sep­tem­ber 11. [Em­pha­sis added.] In fact, Bin Laden wanted to move up the op­er­a­tion to pun­ish the US for sup­port­ing Sharon’s crack­down on the Sec­ond In­tifada.”

The FBI in­ves­ti­ga­tion now rapidly dis­ap­pear­ing from the Amer­i­can me­di­a’s radar screen seems as some kind of fluke. Con­sid­er­ing the ex­ten­sive con­trol Is­rael main­tains over vir­tu­ally all branches of Amer­i­can gov­ern­ment through AIPAC and their Pen­ta­gon and White House neo­con plants, why would an es­pi­onage agenda even be nec­es­sary?

Again Cole: “So, pass­ing a few con­fi­den­tial doc­u­ments over is a mi­nor af­fair. Pro-Likud in­tel­lec­tu­als es­tab­lished net­works link­ing De­fense and the na­tional se­cu­rity ad­vis­ers of Vice Pres­i­dent Dick Ch­eney, gain­ing enor­mous in­flu­ence over pol­icy by cherry-pick­ing and dis­tort­ing in­tel­li­gence so as to make a case for war on Sad­dam Hus­sein. And their ul­te­rior mo­tive was to re­move the most pow­er­ful Arab mil­i­tary from the scene, not be­cause it was an ac­tive threat to Is­rael (it was­n’t) but be­cause it was a pos­si­ble de­ter­rent to Likud plans for ag­gres­sive ex­pan­sion (at the least, they want half of the West Bank, per­ma­nently).”

Here’s why AIPAC is an ex­tremely dan­ger­ous and sub­ver­sive group as of­fered by Cole: “All this can hap­pen be­cause there is a vac­uum in US po­lit­i­cal dis­course. A hand­ful of spe­cial in­ter­ests in the United States vir­tu­ally dic­tate con­gres­sional pol­icy on some is­sues. With re­gard to the Arab-Is­raeli con­flict, the Amer­i­can Is­rael Pub­lic Af­fairs Com­mit­tee and a few al­lies have suc­ceeded in im­pos­ing com­plete cen­sor­ship on both houses of Con­gress. No sen­a­tor or con­gress mem­ber dares make a speech on the floor of his or her in­sti­tu­tion crit­i­cal of Is­raeli pol­icy, even though the Is­raeli gov­ern­ment of­ten vi­o­lates in­ter­na­tional law and UN Se­cu­rity Coun­cil res­o­lu­tions (it would vi­o­late more such res­o­lu­tions, ex­cept that the res­o­lu­tions never got passed be­cause only one NSC mem­ber, the US, rou­tinely ve­toes them on be­half of Tel Aviv.) As the La­bor Party in Is­rael has been eclipsed by the Likud coali­tion, which in­cludes many proto-fas­cist groups, this sub­servience has yoked Wash­ing­ton to for­eign politi­cians who pri­vately fa­vor eth­nic cleans­ing and/​or agres­sive war­fare for the pur­pose of an­nex­ing the ter­ri­tory of neigh­bors. On the rare oc­ca­sion when a brave mem­ber of con­gress dares stand up to this un­re­lent­ing AIPAC tyranny, that per­son is tar­geted for un­elec­tion in the next con­gres­sional cam­paign, with big money di­rected by AIPAC and/​or its ana­logues into the cof­fers of the sen­a­tor or con­gress­man’s op­po­nent. Over and over again, AIPAC has shaped the US con­gress in this way, so suc­cess­fully that no one even dares speak out any more.”

Cole points out that this is pre­cisely the type of tyran­ni­cal takeover of Amer­ica our Found­ing Fa­thers feared. This is pre­cisely what Pres­i­dent George Wash­ing­ton warned US about ad­vis­ing strongly to avoid en­tan­gling al­liances. Our sin­ful al­liance with tiny Is­rael, run by mass mur­der­ers and war-mon­gers, has in­fested vir­tu­ally all lev­els of our own gov­ern­ment. And they are a long way from be­ing through with US, but we may be only a few short years away from be­com­ing a bru­tal dic­ta­tor­ship forged from the ter­ror­ism cre­ated by tiny Is­rael’s Likud Party.

AIPAC picks, elects and stacks both houses of our Con­gress. AIPAC has elim­i­nated the De­mo­c­ra­tic Par­ty’s for­mer fron­trun­ner. AIPAC ac­com­plishes this by tar­get­ing politi­cians, and mag­ni­fy­ing their small num­bers by en­list­ing the sup­port of a much greater num­ber of Amer­i­cans: the Chris­t­ian Zion­ists. Cole ex­plains this mag­ni­fi­ca­tion of power em­ploy­ing non-Jews: “AIPAC is not all that rich or pow­er­ful, but pol­i­tics in the US is of­ten evenly di­vided be­tween De­moc­rats and Re­pub­li­cans. Be­cause many races are very close, any lit­tle ex­tra sup­port can help change the out­come. AIPAC can pro­vide that lit­tle bit. More­over, most Amer­i­cans could­n’t care less about the Mid­dle East or its in­tractable prob­lems, whereas the staffers at AIPAC are fa­nat­ics. [Em­pha­sis added.]

If some con­gress­man from south­ern In­di­ana knows he can pick up even a few thou­sand dol­lars and some good will from AIPAC, he may as well, since his con­stituents don’t care any­way. That there is no coun­ter­vail­ing force to AIPAC al­lows it to be ef­fec­tive. (That is one rea­son that pro-Likud Amer­i­can ac­tivists of­ten ex­press con­cern about the rise of the Mus­lim-Amer­i­can com­mu­nity and the pos­si­bil­ity that it may de­velop an ef­fec­tive lobby.) More­over, AIPAC lever­ages its power by an al­liance with the Chris­t­ian Right, which has adopted a bizarre ide­ol­ogy of “Chris­t­ian Zion­ism.” It holds that the sooner the Pales­tini­ans are eth­ni­cally cleansed, the sooner Christ will come back. With­out mil­lions of these Chris­t­ian Zion­ist al­lies, AIPAC would be much less in­flu­en­tial and ef­fec­tive.” [Em­pha­sis added.]

The etremely dan­ger­ous power that AIPAC, a lobby of about 60,000, “rep­re­sent­ing” five to six mil­lion Jews in Is­rael, wields over the gov­ern­ment and mil­i­tary of the United States, a na­tion of al­most 300 mil­lion, can eas­ily lead to a to­tally nu­clear World War III. Ter­ror­ism is a tac­tic em­ployed by the weak and op­pressed. It is a tool that can be used to sym­bol­i­cally re­tal­i­ate against a re­pres­sive gov­ern­ment that is en­slav­ing a peo­ple. But it can also be used to turn the peo­ple of a re­pres­sive na­tion against its own gov­ern­ment. When the peo­ple of such a re­pres­sive na­tion re­al­ize that it is their own gov­ern­ment that is re­spon­si­ble for gen­er­at­ing such ter­ror­ism from ex­ter­nal sources, the per­pe­tra­tors hope that in­ter­nal po­lit­i­cal pres­sure will lead to the abo­li­tion of that na­tion’s op­pres­sive poli­cies. This is the mo­ti­va­tion of the PLO in con­duct­ing ter­ror­is­tic sui­cide bus and pub­lic place bomb­ings against Is­rael.

The stub­born pig­head­ed­ness of the Bush ad­min­is­tra­tion and its Zion­ist PNAC ca­bal that en­gi­neered the war against Iraq in ac­cor­dance with the “Clean Break” pol­icy, is what must now be propped up and sup­ported by a se­ries of in­creas­ingly dra­con­ian Pa­triot Acts. Ter­ror­ism against the United States will grow, and will grow more se­ri­ously. Dur­ing Amer­i­can ex­pan­sion­ism char­ac­ter­ized as “the wild West,” the Colt “Peace­maker” re­volver was termed “The Equal­izer.” In the “wild” Mid East, ter­ror­ism is just the tip of the ice­berg when it comes to op­pressed Mus­lims and Pales­tini­ans. The new “equal­izer” is nu­clear weaponry. The threat to Amer­ica is that nu­clear de­vices will be em­ployed shortly in ter­ror­ist acts against the United States.

This is pre­cisely why we are be­com­ing a po­lice state. Bush had it right when he said that we could­n’t win a war against ter­ror­ism. But we can take a pos­i­tive ap­proach to the Is­raeli-Pales­tin­ian con­flict. We can unau­tho­rize AIPAC to lobby and take away its tax-ex­empt sta­tus. We can rec­og­nize that both of our ma­jor po­lit­i­cal par­ties are to­tally un­der the thumb of a se­ri­ous for­eign en­tan­gle­ment, and one that not only dic­tates down to US, but is also im­per­vi­ous to the death, harm and de­struc­tion that the weak and op­pressed will use against US as the ac­tions of our gov­ern­ment blur the dis­tinc­tion be­tween a just and hon­est peo­ple and our in­creas­ingly sav­age and cor­rupt gov­ern­ment.

This is the ma­jor is­sue in this elec­tion. Ei­ther our gov­ern­ment is with US, or with Is­rael. Which way is it Mr. Bush? Which way is it Mr. Kerry? Is there a third party that will step for­ward and save our na­tion? Ob­vi­ously, sav­ing US from World War III and nu­clear at­tack aren’t of any im­por­tance to ei­ther ma­jor po­lit­i­cal party. We are, in­stead, fo­cus­ing on an­other un­just war we lost thirty years ago. But just like the Ger­mans af­ter World War I, we can­not ac­cept ei­ther that the war is over, or the fact that we lost it. The blessed op­por­tu­nity of a “peace­ful rev­o­lu­tion” by a truly hon­est and open elec­tion is rapidly slip­ping away, and may well be re­placed by a nu­clear ter­ror­ist at­tack launch­ing World War III. It will be the first ma­jor re­bel­lion against “The Evil Em­pire,” a re­bel­lion against the Em­peror of the Dark Side. Star Wars is US, and the great clock of his­tory is about to strike the hour.

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