A culture of life: Preceded-did not prevent -our culture of death

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Written By Mike Smith

It’s been widely reported that weapons of mass destruction have were shipped from Iraq (shortly before the US invasion thereof) to Syria. These shipments have been described to have been made inside yellow barrels marked with skull and bones. Do you know why they marked these deadly weapons with the symbol of skull and bones? It’s because the symbol skull and bones is the most universally recognized symbol of death known to mankind. There are other symbols of death but this particular one conveys/screams death in a manner more effectively, more certainly and more efficiently than any other to anybody and everybody, no matter what any language they speak.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the LIFE.” Now we need to be clear, here, before we continue; DEATH is the opposite of LIFE. Those who revel in death are anathema to Jesus who is LIFE. Let’s continue…

For many years, now, Pro-Life voters have voted for candidates who’ve said things that Pro-Lifers like to hear. Well I guess we all do that. I think, though, that Pro-Lifers would be more sensible in their continuing to vote for candidates who say things they like to hear, but continue to do NOTHING, once in office, toward attaining the goals they claim to seek. That would be darn near everybody in the whole Republican party who espouses Pro-Life rhetoric; the President, House members, Senators.

Newt Gingrich, whom I think has a 50-50 chance of obtaining the Republican nomination for 2008, not too long ago was heard to say that we can’t do much about abortion until we have a “culture of life” in this country, which must be right there, just waiting to be put in place. That puts him right up there in company with George Bush who has, as Chief Executive for five years (while 5 millions babies have been murdered) been in a position to do something about the heinously evil, horribly violent, limb-from-limb slaughter of the unborn in this nation which long ago quit being Christian. The President is referred to as “the burning Bush” by well-meaning but mostly politically unsophisticated (dreamers) Christian voters. They have forgotten that actions are what matters, not words. The knew action mattered more than words when Clinton was President, but seem to have forgotten that since Clinton left office. They forget that we had a “culture of life” in this country just before Roe V. Wade was handed down and forced upon us; our current death culture was ushered in despite a culture of life. The “culture of life” rhetoric is just that; vile rhetoric that politicians use to explain away their inaction.

If you get George “Skull and Bones” Bush in front of an audience of Pro-Lifers he will espouse the standard boilerplate rhetoric for that block of voters: “Abortion is wrong,” he’ll say. Meanwhile what he thinks is, “well not wrong, per se, but unfortunate and we’d prefer it didn’t happen alot,” (safe, legal and rare, prevails). He will also “agree” that Roe. V. Wade is/was bad law. Well the fact of the matter is that Roe V. Wade isn’t really even law. No law in this nation (save the word of God) is able to be- or can be- law if it conflicts with the Constitution and it is demonstrably true that Roe v. Wade does so in so much as in an abortion we have a living, unborn human being deprived of life without due process of law in clear violation of the 4th amendment.

Now, when you couple the FACTS: that abortion is murder; Roe v. Wade is NOT law; and George “Death” Bush is the Chief Law Enforcment Officer of the land, we cannot help but conclude that what the President should have been doing for the last 5 years is shutting down abortion clinics because that’s where murderers and confused and misunderstanding people have been meeting to kill unborn human beings. If people were taking their fully-born children to “clinics” to have them killed I would like to believe that the President would recognize that as murder. Or would he and Mr. Newt say that we need to foster a “culture of life” before we could stop those murders also?

Let me help, Mr. President. Abortion is murder. Abortion is not something that is done to preserve the life of a woman, abortion is the murder of an unborn human being for some manner of convenience of a woman who does not want to have the child within her (or without her). My heart does go out to a woman who believes that this is the right thing to do as she is surely not understanding that she is about to snuff out another human being; knit together in the image of God. That unborn human being, if conceived in love or rape or incest, bears the image of God just as surely as does every human being who got out of the womb. Choosing that some innocent among them should die, and then killing them is a sin. You do remember that word, “sin” Mr. Burning Bush, do you not? As chief Law Enforcment Officer, it is incumbent upon you to do everything you Constitutionally can to stop the slaughter. Then again, my Constitutionalist friends remind me that murder is not something that the FEDGOV should actually be involved in, generally. That is the purview of the states, they will tell you. Oops. I guess this shouldn’t be addressed, so nearly solely to President George “Death” Bush, but also to the 50 governors of the nation-states represented by Old Glory; Chief Law Enforcement Officers, themselves. You read that right, “nation-states.” (Remember that, we’ll talk about it more later.)

But, you lying “Pro-Lifers” who do nothing, when you are finished giving your lying speeches about attaining a culture of life, without which you, by omission, by default, say that babies NEED to die, you can use those speech-papers to wipe the blood of innocent and brutally slain babies from your hands; you who are in a position to do something to stop it.

If George Bush left the Oval Office and went to stand in front of an abortion clinic to keep the doors from being opened, to keep a baby from being killed, MILLIONS of Americans would join him all across this land. THEN we would have a real debate on life and murder and the Constitution. Then we would KNOW who prefers death to life.

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