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The Asian Tsunami: Another Manmade Disaster

Published 7y ago -

I find the conspiracy theorists of this world somewhat tiresome. Even more so, I am disbelieving of the feeble, highly processed and refined news stream that television provides. One such rhetoric is the recent tsunami tragedy of December 2004. Compelled to fi... More »

FDR & world war II: Why did he do it?

Published 7y ago -

When I was at Bayside High School in New York, we had a civics teacher named Julius Zeiger. He had a professorial manner of speaking similar to Daniel Schorr and was not well liked by the students. One day, we had a discussion on Pearl Harbor and World War II.... More »

McCain: Enemy of the pows

Published 7y ago -

With the publication just two weeks ago of the New York Times bestseller – AN ENORMOUS CRIME; The Definitive Account of US POWs Abandoned in SE Asia – it is inevitable that the role in the POW issue of Senator – and former POW – John Mc... More »