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Libertarians for Obama?! Yes!!

Published 10y ago -

I gave Barack Obama my qualified support in a previous column, which provoked a surge in e-mails. Being clinically diagnosed as a moron was one of the gentler observations given to me, but one comment stuck out in my mind, because it was on target: “So a liber... More »

War and empire: The evil twins

Published 10y ago -

“Our culture is in sympathy with the devil because it resents the claims of the sovereign God of Scripture. As a result, it will stomach any absurdity in the name of education; it will continue to tolerate the destruction of its children morally and inte... More »

My way or his way: Blessings or cursings

Published 10y ago -

Frank Sinatra made the song “My Way” famous. His perfect rendition sticks in the mind and the similarity between the song and his life is unmistakable. Though Frank is gone, his version of the song is still popular as is the practice. Repenting in ... More »

Jury nullification: Your awesome power

Published 10y ago -

Recently, we talked about the powers of the grand jury that the government has hidden from you, powers that newly informed Americans are beginning to reassert. That process, however sound and constitutional, will take some time, precisely because those powers,... More »