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Fantasy in America lies accepted as truth

Published 14y ago -

Racial integration in the United States has been a dismal failure just as those who arranged it knew it would be. Blacks and Whites have never been comfortable together. Blacks bused into White schools and Whites bused into Black schools segregate into their o... More »

DC really does mean… district of criminals

Published 14y ago -

The following is a challenge to any and all attorneys, any and all publicly elected officials – federal/state/local, any and all military men – non-commissioned and commissioned officers or any and all law enforcement officers. All of the people in these categ... More »


Cia vs. Bush/Cheney huge ramifiactions

Published 14y ago -

The startling revelation that all 24 intelligence agencies in our government agree that Iran stopped their nuclear weapons development in 2003 is a shot across the bow of G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Seriously furious over how Bush and Cheney misused ambiguous i... More »