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Police-state assault: Where is our sense of outrage?

Published 13y ago -

As I write, there is an on-going tragedy taking place. Heavily armed, camouflaged federal marshals, state police, and local police are laying siege on the home of Ed and Elaine Brown in Plainfield, New Hampshire. A number of thoughts cross my mind: Is this a m... More »

Are you right? Or are you left?

Published 13y ago -

We need a simpler standard regarding the identification of political philosophies.  I am attempting to clarify- that is simplify- the way we identify government ideologies.  This is not meant as a comprehensive exercise (that would take many hours) but it is a... More »

The bionic woman: Does she menstruate?

Published 13y ago -

The answer is no. After a car hit Jaime Sommers, surgeons replaced her uterus with nanomachines called anthrocytes attached to stainless steel testicles. Ever since she has been kicking male butt. NBC’s resurrection of this 1970’s TV series about a... More »

The coming resistance: No organizations, no leaders

Published 13y ago -

As I write, the situation for our beloved country looks considerably bleaker than it did for the defenders at the Alamo or Valley Forge. By far, the biggest single factor in the worldwide advance of Communism and other forms of totalitarianism for almost a cen... More »

They’re out to get us!: Global warming swindle

Published 13y ago -

It’s become the standard response of  a lot of my fellow anti-global warming conservatives that back in the seventies the same “liberals” who are now promoting the warming scam were equally shrill about a coming ice age. Nice try, guys. But t... More »

My language: Not for sissies

Published 13y ago -

Some forty five years ago, when I first became aware of the conspiracy for world domination, took up my sword and shield in the battle forAmerica and sallied forth to arouse others, I discovered two kinds of prospects. Race, sex, ethnicity and education did no... More »

Pro-war libertarians: Is there such a thing?

Published 13y ago -

Ever heard of a pro-War libertarian? They are also affectionately referred to as liberventionists? Talk show host and Fair Tax guy Neal Boortz is supposedly one of them.Blogger and Republican Consultant Eric Dondero is another. Personally though, I don’t reall... More »