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Brainwashing revisited: You are the target

Published 15y ago -

The recent, unfunny performance by “Kramer” is the latest evidence that the nation is under Soviet attack far more destructive than Nine Eleven. There is much more to it than “Kramer’s” personal situation. Here is a quirky talent who found a niche that propell... More »

A bubble ready to pop?: Castle in every pot

Published 15y ago -

A storm is on the horizon.  Just because it’s another hurricane season, the tempest ready to engulf will not be tracked by eyes in the skies.  A forecast for this whirlwind won’t be made on the weather channel or by a meteorologist.  The climate that triggers ... More »

Henry Paulson: Our next secretary of fraud

Published 15y ago -

Now that we are about to have the third Secretary of the Treasury in the last five years and the second CEO of Goldman Sachs appointed to the position, do you think the media and Congress critters will ask the right questions. For instance, Mr. Paulson: how do... More »

Why tax?: Why not just print?

Published 15y ago -

Some questions are so obvious, they never get asked. When our money was precious metals—silver and gold—you had to pay your taxes with them, and the government paid its way with that money. The law still says our money is silver and gold, but today, by federal... More »

Clinton & Armitage: Two peas in a pod

Published 15y ago -

Bill Clinton and Richard Armitage: two peas in a pod. Two inveterate, congenital liars who have never made a mistake in their lives – and who love to blame any and everybody but themselves. Bill Clinton’s performance on Sunday morning’s Fox newscast was ... More »

What a daughter learned: What a father taught

Published 15y ago -

As I sit here, January 22, 2006 is fading into history. It is doing so in the normal manner; light begins to dwindle, cool air replaces warm, the sun slips behind a mountain cuing stars to twinkle and the moon to take over. A night like so many others. Yet it ... More »

Feminism can be cured if diagnosed early

Published 15y ago -

I’ve had many emails from young Feminists cussing me out for things I never said. So I was surprised to hear from “Meagan” who actually read my web site and understood it. She realized Feminist indoctrination had made her dysfunctional and sh... More »

Rejecting Agape: Fear of control by the creator

Published 15y ago -

Dominionists seek the Graced progression of Godly control over His creation through individuals seeking to live under His Laws while being favored with the power and absolution provided by the sacrifice of God’s Only Begotten Son, King Jesus. We seek this for ... More »