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Fighting battles: Ignoring wars

Published 14y ago -

We are living in a dream world, caught up in a fantasy that is turning into a nightmare. No matter what the reality, we shield ourselves from it by ignoring any facts that might jolt us into living in the real world. We are engaged in a war, in a struggle wher... More »

Communist country: The United States

Published 14y ago -

Why are we here? Why are we near enough to the dissolution of our country to see the bones? We are here because Lincoln was our first Communist President. We are here because Wilson was our second Communist President. We are here because Franklin Roosevelt was... More »

Where we are going: Please prove me wrong

Published 14y ago -

I profoundly wish I did not believe this, but I do. I believe that the District of Criminals is preparing to hit us again with another ersatz incident like Nine Eleven. I believe the next government attack on these united States will be even worse – that even ... More »

Why we give in: It starts in school

Published 14y ago -

The latest demonstration of why we are losing the battle for civilization comes to us from Sweden. A piece in the Brussels (Belgium)Journal says that almost 90% of all robberies in Sweden are committed by gangs, not individuals. The gangs are Muslim products o... More »

Meet Bob Woodward: Cheerleader-in-chief for Al-Queda

Published 14y ago -

“Mortuary Bob is back, and that looks like fresh mud on his boots.  Has he been hanging out at Memory Garden Acres again? …Curiously, the New York Times got excerpts of the book first; curious because editors of newspapers usually don’t wink and smile when ass... More »