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Hail to the unaware psychopath: Enough is enough

Published 14y ago -

Image courtesy of  Marion Doss under CC BY-SA 2.0. No human being on earth can completely rid himself of what we call sin. It comes with birth, raises its ugly head, and ends with death. But what is sin? There are as many answers to that as there are people on... More »

Communitarian fools and their money soon parted

Published 14y ago -

In a classic Simpsons’ moment, at their show’s equivalent of Disney World dedicated to the parodies of Tom and Jerry known as Itchy and Scratchy, a giddy Homer is duped into trading his money for the amusement park’s imitation play currency which can’t be spen... More »

Clintonism: The vulgarization of America (Part IV)

Published 14y ago -

Here is more of whatever you didn’t want to know about Bill Clinton, who has the distinction of being an unwanted pregnancy that grew up to become President. At Oxford Clinton is remembered as “the Drop-Out Kid”. In Arkansas he is celebrated as the Drop-Out Dr... More »

Here we go again: I say this is poppycock

Published 14y ago -

It’s only the beginning of August and we already have Chris, a third named tropical depression heading on a projected track that could have it over South Florida by Sunday or Monday. The folks at the National Hurricane center think if Chris keeps heading... More »

Backwards from Iraq to 911: Mihop or lihop or GCN

Published 14y ago -

Image courtesy of slagheap under CC BY-SA 2.0. There is a psychological game that one has to play when making a conclusion or deduction about what happened on and before 911. As in a courtroom or crime scene examination, we have to think backwards from the fac... More »

Illuminati used appeasement: To trick Hitler

Published 14y ago -

In Dec. 1942 Heinrich Mueller, Chief of the Gestapo, rolled up the Soviet spy network in mainland Europe and secured a list of Soviet agents and informants in England  that reads like a “who’s who” of the British establishment and lifts the v... More »