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Mayday: Double meanings

Published 16y ago -

Mayday. May Day. Double meanings: The first is the international call sign for a pilot in distress and he needs a rescue immediately. The second is the Soviet Communist anniversary of the triumph – Ha! – of their Revolution. Monday’s May First pro-... More »

Thanks Latinos for proving the point

Published 16y ago -

Even when they’re wrong, the massive demonstrations by immigrants, most of them illegal aliens, have proven to all Americans that our borders, ports, and coastlines are wide open. That anyone can enter our country at will and that Bush, Congress, and the depar... More »

The birth of America: Upset the apple cart

Published 16y ago -

For years, yours truly has been struggling with a certain question: If America, with all its freedom, independence, opportunities, initiative, pioneering spirit, and openness was such a great, God-given social and political idea, why has it become such an enig... More »

History repeats itself: Today’s burning issue

Published 16y ago -

At the outset of the Civil War Congress got very antsy over the fact that the on-to-Richmond campaign somehow was getting stalled somewhere in the neighborhood of Washington, D.C. That’s not how it was supposed to be. According to their scenario Federal ... More »