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Betty Friedan: A womanoid departs

Published 16y ago -

The Playboy dream, as expressed by Professor ‘enry ‘iggins in My Fair Lady’s version of Communist George Bernard Shaw’s play, Pygmalion, was always that a woman should be “more like a man.” Why waste precious time and money courting? Let’s just hav... More »

Smirk worship: Satanism in the church

Published 16y ago -

The last tenuous connection that tied the Bush Administration to traditional America is gone. President Smirk had persistently made a fool of himself, yes—had been caught lying countless times, tricked us into war, apparently listens to a prompter at press con... More »

Schadenfreud is no fun: It’s about to hit the fan

Published 16y ago -

Get ready. It’s about to hit the fan. Recently I warned that the coming winter will be the worst in history. At the same time so-called weather experts were predicting a mild winter, some western states were being battered by record snowstorms. Since the... More »

Disobedience: What cost? The American toboggan ride

Published 16y ago -

Quite a spectacle was aired on C-Span with the debate between two Englishmen over the (mostly) American War in Iraq. Christopher Hitchens and George Galloway (George claims to be Irish) squared off with a lexicon of vituperation and personal vilification that ... More »

The importance of evil: The monster emerges

Published 16y ago -

I was at a Republican National Convention some years ago, strolling among the delegations. In the Indiana delegation I found former U.S. Senator Bill Jenner, who had done fine work on a committee investigating Communist infiltration of our government and insti... More »

Debt limit: We’re not there yet

Published 16y ago -

It’s nice to see so many people interested in the national debt, but it also seems that some of them are taking baby steps into an arena where it’s easy to get lost or misdirected. In the last week, several good hearts have broadcast the news that the Bush adm... More »

The Clintons: America’s arkancurse

Published 16y ago -

Image courtesy of Marc Nozell under CC BY 2.0. Judas is back in town. George W. Bush has still not learned that you can’t charm the Clintons anymore than you can de-criminalize them. During a recent interview with George Stephanopolous (Clinton’s f... More »

Was Hitler a “british” agent? War as matrix

Published 16y ago -

Greg Hallett’s book “Hitler Was A British Agent” depicts war as a ghoulish illusion conjured by occult magicians in order to degrade and eventually enslave humanity in world government. Hallett’s claim that Hitler was a “British&#... More »