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The war: Man vs. Almighty God

Published 17y ago -

Even on secular news channels, there have been specials about Jesus of Nazareth because this is the time of year when by Christian church tradition, most Christians celebrate “Christmas” or the Christ Mass in early Catholic tradition and ceremony. ... More »

Signing off!: Goodbye, and good luck!

Published 17y ago -

I don’t believe in miracles, but I do believe in God! My minister advised me that the “coincidences” I have experienced are termed “synchronicity.” Whatever! Documenting such events is usually deemed a “no-no” for writers, s... More »

Reason for being listening to your conscience

Published 17y ago -

Have you ever wondered, “What is the purpose of my life?” Or, “Why am I here?” Or have you ever felt worthless – as if you didn’t count – and that the world would be “just the same without me”? And that you “make absolutely no difference in the cou... More »

The zionist connection: An unholy tripartite

Published 17y ago -

Henry Makow, a PhD. who writes for several Internet news and opinion websites, has provided invaluable insight focusing on political alliances that control the United States as well as the entire world. An unholy tripartite threatens the individual freedom of ... More »

Illuminati sex slaves paint horrifying picture

Published 17y ago -

Two women tortured, brainwashed and prostituted by the Illuminati paint a disturbing picture of how the world is really run. Both say they were prostituted to world leaders as children. They are Brice Taylor, author of Thanks for the Memories (1999) and Cathy ... More »