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Economic treason or just plain treason?

Published 18y ago -

The United States has now entered a war that is quickly revealing the national security dangers of a radical free trade ideology that has dominated both political parties since at least the late eighties. A recent commentary piece about The Wrong Camouflage on... More »

Sick bay commandos: The april fools day rescue

Published 18y ago -

As soon as I heard about the type of wounds received by Private Jessica Lynch, and someone’s suggestion that those injuries may have been caused by some sort of “low velocity, small caliber weapon,” I knew that the liberal spin-doctors were on the case. What I... More »

Fishes and bicycles: Who’s paying for dinner?

Published 18y ago -

Oh how the rules have changed over time. Men and women are virtually interchangeable these days. Women are in the pulpits of churches and the cockpits of Air Force fighters (and going over the edge of aircraft carriers – oopsy). Then we have men earning the ta... More »

Destroy the dollar: Create prosperity

Published 18y ago -

Lawrence Kudlow, former Reagan administration budget official, is a syndicated columnist, CEO of Kudlow & Co. and co-host of CNBC’s “Kudlow & Cramer”. Kudlow is probably one of the best known outspoken advocates of “supply-side ... More »

ABB: Anybody but Bush for president?

Published 18y ago -

For advocates of liberty, free enterprise and a noninterventionist foreign policy, the Bush administration has been a great disappointment, to say the least. In fact, President Bush has done more to expand the Welfare-Warfare State than any president since LBJ... More »