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Memorial day remembered: Duty, honor, country

Published 17y ago -

Memorial Day is a day to honor those American servicemen we paid the ultimate price for our liberty and freedom. I have often quoted “The Warrior Creed” of the late Dr. Robert Humphrey as crystallized by Jack Hoban: “Wherever I go, everyone i... More »

Con job: All the Bushtilt print to fit

Published 17y ago -

What is happening over the Continuing Criminal Enterprise called the Democratic Party?   Is it just coming apart, dead in the water after a self-inflicted explosion in the engine room?  We are approaching the fortieth anniversary of the assassination of Jack K... More »

Making rapists women in the military

Published 17y ago -

A century or two ago, as a young man, I read a story by Ernest Hemingway. At the time, he was all the rage and I didn’t know he was a Red. I was still too young to understand the story. If I remember now, at a distance of many decades, it was a Nick Adams stor... More »

Just who will pay the debt?: All that money you owe!

Published 17y ago -

Governments are experts on running up public debts. They are unmatched in spending of every sort and ignoring how to pay for those expenditures. Since they make up the legal tender laws, citizens are required to carry on financial transactions, bound to whatev... More »

The settled law doctrine: Roe V. Wade

Published 17y ago -

Few GOP candidates can afford to alienate pro-life voters, since that base of support is needed to win elections.  If the Bushes had campaigned on a “pro-choice” position, neither would have been elected.  The same holds for most of the Republicans... More »

Middle eastern chessboard: Arming Iraq

Published 17y ago -

The purpose of this article is to ascertain how Iraq acquired its arsenal of weapons that eventually led to it being declared as a ‘rogue state’. I stress that some of these subjects have been exhaustively documented elsewhere numerous times. The scope here is... More »

Al Gore vs Soot – An update

Published 17y ago -

Image courtesy of JD Lasica under CC BY-NC 2.0. Recent polls for the year 2000 presidential election show Al Gore running by substantial margins behind George W. Bush, Elizabeth Dole, and the Tooth Fairy (who may file as a Libertarian.) This has our wooden Vic... More »

The petro-dollar and the euro: Money is the root of war

Published 17y ago -

War is always about achieving a political end. Even holy wars seek to impose a secular control over the vanquished. At the root of every political conflict, lies the MONEY component. On the scale of greed or fear, international discords can slide up or down. D... More »