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Mind control on campus: Santorum and brownback style

Published 18y ago -

Thank goodness I never went to college. Four years of high school was enough. It was all the education I needed to get a good job, shift into creative writing and music careers, move up on the monetary ladder, raise a responsible family, and be able to evaluat... More »

Danger: Zionized booby trap ahead

Published 18y ago -

Booby trap n.  l. A concealed or camouflaged device designed to be triggered by an unsuspecting action of the intended victim. 2. A device or situation that catches a person off guard; trap. It would be difficult to imagine a more apt description of a dangerou... More »

Just say no to polls: Lying should be taxed

Published 18y ago -

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics”. And nowhere is this truer than in the medias’ use of opinion polls to substantiate the morphing of bias into news. What even the sophisticated reader assumes to be fact may just be... More »

The beltway revue: Some actors are behind the curtain

Published 18y ago -

Image courtesy of Marion Doss under CC BY-SA 2.0. No presidency would be complete without a “man” behind.   The Man Wilson had Colonel House. FDR had Harry Hopkins. Kennedy had Ted Sorenson. Reagan had Gary Bauer.  And President Bush, not to be out... More »

Mr. Bush, Show some guts: And save our country

Published 18y ago -

Image courtesy of David under CC BY 2.0. Dear President Bush: With all due respect for you, and for the office you hold, may I suggest, sir, that you are not coming up to your potential as President of the United States. By that I mean, sir, that you have an o... More »

Running up the debt: Like father, like son

Published 18y ago -

George Herbert Walker Bush, the original Daddy Warbucks, ran up the national debt $1.47 trillion from the day he took office until he handed the reigns over to Bill Clinton. In one presidential term, this is the largest increase to the nation’s debt so f... More »

Surpluses not gone: Just buried Enron style

Published 18y ago -

Nitwits who don’t have a clue where surpluses came from in the first place are now complaining that surpluses have disappeared. Oh, woe is us, we had it so good and now it’s all gone. What do they expect? Do they really believe that the Beltway Ban... More »