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Wasted energy: Protests that won’t matter

Published 17y ago -

What do you call it when the leader of the free world does not listen to the cries of the people, when the head of the greatest system of representative government does not pay attention to the will of the people? Do you call it democracy? The answer to that i... More »

Twelve terror cells: Security and spin

Published 17y ago -

The latest CNN poll shows 55% to 60% of Americans favor President Bush’s handling of foreign affairs, less than that find his performance with the economy satisfactory.  Yet the president has far more control over foreign affairs than the spending activi... More »

Let’s quit fighting… The same wars twice

Published 17y ago -

Not that I should care. Hell, I’m over the hill. The only time they want to see me in my uniform is at the parade on Veteran’s Day. That way, they can make war feel honorable by displaying the old slugs who survived it. Like me, wearing khakis I bo... More »

The media: Make it go away

Published 17y ago -

The Fourth Estate has become a Fifth Column, whose world-wide reach fosters traitors, not only to nations, but to Earthkind. Their constellation by which they navigate is The Golden Calf, its Polaris is Bill Clinton, who convinced the thralls of media that a f... More »

Praetorian prefect: Protectors of the empire

Published 17y ago -

Prior to the fateful day of March 15, Spurinna, the astrologer had first given Julius Caesar the famous warning to “beware of the Ides of March.” On that day and on his way to the Senate, Caesar “accidentally” met up again with this ast... More »