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The age of illusion: Welcome to the 21st century

Published 18y ago -

Isn’t it fascinating how we have come to embrace illusion as a way of life? Like kids at a magic show, we surround our boob tubes utterly spellbound by sitcoms, game shows, soap operas, gossip gabathons and newsaramas, complete with the chants and incant... More »

Willow creek (Part III): Converting christianity

Published 18y ago -

One of the most damning aspects of Willow Creek and the whole Church Growth Movement is the hypocrisy that makes up its very foundation and operation. Having its members sign covenants, (which is expressly forbidden by Holy Scripture), saying they will not cri... More »

Enough! Israelis… Come live with us!

Published 18y ago -

“But suicide bombings will continue and when we strike them in depth, they’ll certainly think of the consequences of their actions. There will be no retreat from suicide bombings.” Jamal Abdel Salem, a Hamas political leader, quoted in an Ass... More »

Terror bombs…: Murder and the media

Published 18y ago -

“Any person who doesn’t think we need to go to war on Islamofacism …let me take them through a Melbourne hospital where a young woman survivor, if you could call her that, is in intensive care. Here are her injuries: Burns to 90% of her body Amputated le... More »