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Stem cell research: Facts versus myths

Published 19y ago -

In my work as  sacristan at St. Joan of Arc Church in Boca Raton, Florida, I see several young men at one or other of our Sunday liturgies who suffer from serious paralytic disabilities. Two of them are hopelessly paralyzed, slumped in wheel chairs, tended by ... More »

Bill (“Color me fascist”) Clinton

Published 19y ago -

Just when Americans breathed relief that Arkansas could not produce anything downhill from Orval Faubus, they afflicted us with Bill Clinton, who has brought our nation around a bend in the road that enables Americans to catch a glimpse of Armageddon. Via the ... More »

The world of Islam and the world war

Published 19y ago -

Islamic fundamentalists have launched a Jihad against the entire non-Muslim world. This Jihad is being fought on three fronts. The first front is the war against secular or nominally Islamic governments. The second front is the war against all nations who are ... More »

“You raise the kids!” Peter pan blowback

Published 19y ago -

My last piece “If You Love Freedom…Don’t Get Married and Have Kids” elicited quite a few replies from readers. Almost all of them interpreted it as an anti-divorce rant, instead of as marriage as a non-solution to the loss of freedom in this nation... More »

Al Gore: A William Jefferson “Clone”ton

Published 19y ago -

As occupant of the Vice Presidency, the second most powerful office in the world, in an emergency Al Gore has to be ready to step in and assume the functions of Bill Clinton. As Clinton has made lying the compulsive/obsessive psychopathological hallmark of his... More »

The media middle: “To hell with the news”

Published 19y ago -

It had been my intent to do a connected narrative series on the makeup of the mainstream establishment media, when this effort was overtaken by the acts of terrorism carried out against innocent Americans at the World Trade Center and at the Pentagon. The disr... More »

The good guys won one in East Stroudsburg

Published 19y ago -

On March 19, 1996, government employees herded fifty-nine sixth-grade girls into a room, forced them to strip and forced them to submit to genital exams. The girls were scared. Some girls were crying and tried to leave, but one government employee blocked them... More »

Unworkable delusions: Rethinking open borders

Published 19y ago -

The case for the United States having completely open borders is superficially appealing, at least to those who cherish individual freedom and free-market capitalism. This is why many who embrace the market, particularly libertarians, are intrigued by the idea... More »