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Your stolen money: Government out of control

Published 20y ago -

For years the federal government has been taking excess entitlement money and spending it elsewhere. Once vehemently denied, Congressmen are now confessing to the act of spending Social Security, Medicare and dozens of other excess contributions that they are ... More »

Help arm our pilots!: Is it necessary for more to die?

Published 20y ago -

For twenty years the Federal Aviation Agency had a provision in its administrative codes allowing airlines to provide for the arming of flight crews. In one of those inexplicable ironies of life, when this provision became most significantly relevant in the af... More »

Taxpayer breeder program: House of cards

Published 20y ago -

Imagine that you and your partner want to have children. Imagine that after reviewing your financial situation you discover that your income will not support a larger family. Imagine that you will receive paid maternity leave for 12 weeks. Imagine that you may... More »

The bilderberg group: When and the “who?” factor

Published 20y ago -

If someone should mention the Bilderberg Group, you would probably say, “Huh? Who are they?” And predictably so. Not one person in a hundred has even heard of the Bilderberg Group, much less what it is and what it does. But it’s time we boned... More »