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Who sucks this week?: The God of Paul Begala

Published 19y ago -

Normally, I prefer not to attack the looks of an ideological opponent, but when it happens to be someone as ugly as Paul Begala why not. Let’s start with his forehead, which is the size of his home state of Texas and easily takes up one half of his face.... More »

Vince Foster: Lest we forget

Published 19y ago -

It’s been seven years since Vince Foster was found dead in an obscure park in McLean, Virginia, with a gun in his hand. The date was July 20, 1993. As deputy White House counsel, he was the highest ranking government official to die in office since John F. Ken... More »

Playing ping-pong: With the national debt

Published 19y ago -

Haven’t you wondered why President Bush talks only about paying down “available” debt? Why he talks about paying off only $2.4 trillion of a national debt that is more than $5.7 trillion? Doesn’t this bother you just a little bit? What would you think if I tol... More »