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Stepping into God’s realm: Our culture of death

Published 20y ago -

I am afraid for our times, for our nation and for our world. It is disturbing to me to know that much is occurring in our lives which is unethical, immoral and ungodly according to the way in which I have been taught to believe, but have become acceptable to t... More »

Debt ceiling: The tip of the iceberg

Published 20y ago -

Here we go again. The granddaddy of Washington’s problems is back. For the eighth time since 1987, the national debt is about to hit its ceiling once more. Congressmen, bureaucrats, and the loyal establishment press are starting to tell us that the limit... More »

Paying down the debt: This year’s money laudering

Published 20y ago -

Almost six months into the federal government’s fiscal year, it’s far enough to predict how much money the government will save with their money laundering scam of stealing Social Security and other entitlement money to pay down one side of the debt. The side ... More »


Sorry Teddy: John F. Kennedy Cut Taxes

Published 20y ago -

Among Camelot-crazed liberals, quoting President John F. Kennedy in support of a Republican tax-cut proposal is as much a sacrilege as quoting the Bible in defense of Bill Clinton’s sexual behavior – in fact, judging from their acceptance of Rev. Jesse J... More »

Genetically modified foods: Ending famine forever

Published 20y ago -

One of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, along with Disease and War, is Famine. For the relatively short history of man on earth, famine has killed millions and continues to do so today. We who routinely wander the aisles of the modern supermarket, deciding... More »

Fallout from sex education 1965-2000

Published 20y ago -

Sex Education has nothing to do with education and everything to do with sex. The stated purpose of introducing sex to children is to corrupt the morality of minors and to undermine the moral authority of the family. This stealthily marketed, perverse agenda i... More »

Second amendment sisters joining elite company

Published 20y ago -

Within the American population is a pool of people who can only be pushed so far. These people take action when the situation calls for it. Our national history is really the story of people like that. More often than not, we remember people who were average c... More »

A foul fowl: Or, why the french stink

Published 20y ago -

Is there any doubt why Chuck Jones made Pepe le Pew (the animated skunk who stunk) French? To paraphrase Gertrude Stein, in France, one must adapt oneself to the fragrance of a urinal, which isn’t surprising given the fact that in much of Europe one must pay f... More »