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Big Mouth Carville’s Last Stand

Published 20y ago -

WHO IS THIS NUT? Desperate men do desperate things. A fitting description of James Carville. A comical cartoon like character with a heavy southern drawl and a loud motor mouth to boot. A bad combination for anyone that is within ten feet of this man not weari... More »

Not-So-Civil Civilians: Did I Miss Something?

Published 20y ago -

I have read news report after news report that convey the Palestinians’ outrage over the actions of the Israeli soldiers and police forces against the poor Palestinian “civilians.” I’ve been in the military. I understand what a civilian... More »


The People’s Church: A Wayward Vessel

Published 20y ago -

I walked through the doors of The First Baptist Church in the spring of 1995 after having been somewhat of a prodigal son for roughly 10 years. I had recently rededicated my life to Christ and wanted to once again be a part of a loving church family. As I ente... More »