Year end christmas list: What we wish is unlikely

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Now that another year of the Bush administration ends, what is the record? You hear the inquiry are we any safer from the Dean candidacy, but that’s not the best question. What each of us should ask: are we any better. Better means more than improved or feeling good. It means whether we as a country are any closer to the purpose of why we are a nation. If you define the query in simply political terms, the essential elements that make life worth living would evade the list.

Judge for yourselves. The march towards a multicultural society keeps its beat. The secular culture gears up to remove any remnants of spiritual expression. The consumer economy promulgates its buy now, pay later outlook. Good will towards men is preached in media broadcasts, while greetings to your neighbors go unheard.

Now you might say, what does that have to do with the President. Surely, the course of a society is not the outcome of a single leader. But what about those areas that directly fall under his influence?

A President sets the tone of the national debate. What is on his agenda often shapes the way the political dialogue proceeds. His wish list, becomes the front line for the loyal opposition. Most Americans believe there is a natural dichotomy in politics that opposes each other’s goals and aspirations. No doubt that each seek the power that office affords. But what about the policies that they are publicly committed to when you sift through their rhetoric?

We are told that George Bush is a conservative. If this really was the case, how do you explain his record of unprecedented explosion in federal spending? What is the rational for the expansion of central government cradle to grave dependency? And how about the efforts to ship the few remaining living wage jobs off to a third world multinational paradise?

The undisputed fact that Bush supporters are unable to face is that his brand of conservatism is directed to enhance the global interdependency that has replaced American independence. This is the holiday season, so let’s be honest. (that’s directed to you) What remains of limited government, state’s rights, freedom of association, civil liberties, right to private property, integrity of our borders, sound money, local control of key public services and freedom of the individual?

Many followers of Bush only reply that all has changed since 911. Since they relish in that excuse, they work overtime to prove that those changes require the elimination of the very purpose of the founding of our nation. Empire is their preference to cordial foreign relations. Military dominance for global
compliance is their dream. And exporting that perfected democracy model is
their prized foreign policy.

Now do you consider this record progress? It certainly doesn’t resemble any components that qualify as a conservative platform. But what do words mean in a world that routinely substitutes images for reality. Substance loses to semblance, when you abandon common sense. The rules are made by those who deceive the most. In this era of universal deceit the biggest liar moves up the ladder at the fastest pace. So let’s ask again. Are we better off under the son of the Bush clan?

The public relies upon the peer pressures of a designer cultural, more than the rational judgment of a sensible citizen. The chief ingredient that is injected into the society is the drug that accepts whatever is dished out. The demise of outrage is the leading gift that political leaders send to their constituents. They have one chief fancy, to dumb down the people to such a level that the thought of dissent will be expunged from the public arena. Their fantasy becomes a death wish for their followers.

With political approval rising in the polls, it becomes the measure of the mental deterioration in the country. Endorsement of politicians is the nectar for tyranny. As long as the public believes that government is the essential Santa, the consolidation of despotism goes uninterrupted. Elevating Bush into a St Nick, in order to get more presents from the State is childish. Little kids love toys, but adults prefer liberty. Americans don’t need to be consumed about being safe from foreign foes, there are ample domestic antagonists sitting in the seats of public office.

So are we better off, after another year of illusory benevolence? Replacing Bush with any of the elves in the party of proclaimed socialists is equally as frightful as re-upping the phony conservative to another hitch. Our wish list is simple. Withhold your consent from any Republican or Democrat. Resist any and all attempts to alter and destroy the last remaining vestiges of a Republic and discredit the impaired devotion to a central government. Restore a system of laws that adhere to basic constitutional interpretation that conforms to the original language, intent and design of our Founding Fathers. Withdraw from policies that forge a foreign empire and return to the task of rebuilding our own domestic economy. And put God back into Christmas, before it becomes a hate crime to celebrate the meaning of the season.

If you use the standard – are we any better – reflect upon your role and failure to stop the juggernaut of an all powerful government master. As long as you serve an injurious State, your loyalty is ill placed. The debts you owe are not merely financial, they have a lineage. That legacy owes homage to past forbearers and to future generations. As another year ends, the prospects for a brighter new day dims once again. A nation that abandons liberty willingly, doesn’t deserve freedom. Christmas commemorates the birth of hope. How many Americans will hear, heed and hold on to that message?

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