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When the Soviet Union was an ally of Great Britain during World War II, the infamous Ring of Five (Philby, Burgess, MacLean, Blunt and Rothschild) could use the defense, had they been caught, that the Soviet Union was an ally and therefore the passing of state secrets should be acceptable. The Moscow Centre often knew what was going on before the Prime Minister.

Now, sixty years later, with most people too young to know any of the history of espionage, the same lame excuse is being used to protect agents of the Israeli government from prosecution and Israel from the butt-kicking it so sorely needs. That’s on the surface. Underneath is the threat of blackmail to any who oppose it. Even with the story that broke last Friday (8/27/2004) of the Israeli mole in the Department of Defense, the question of how it got leaked remains.

When it comes to sucker games, the United States is a dumb rube. No matter how many times Israel plays the shell game with us, takes our money, lies to us then shafts us, we never learn.

One can only imagine what disinformation has been fed to this administration and previous ones, all the way back to the sixties, to advance their agenda.

The first major cover-up of the evil of Israel was the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 when Israeli jets attacked that ship, in broad daylight, with its flag flying, killing 34 and injuring 172. American ships in the area were ordered not to give aid to the disabled ship. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATION OF THAT ATTACK ON US.

And the lies go on.

There is a serious question as to whether al-Qaeda is real or is that it is an elaborate hoax, created in Israel, similar to “The Man Who Never Was” (the corpse used in World War II to mislead the Axis on Allied invasion plans). Mossad allegedly took the time and trouble to plant a transmitter in Tripoli in the eighties to provide disinformation from that quarter. It seems just as plausible they would create something like al-Qaeda to advance their agenda of global control by getting their allies to do their dirty work.

It took a bit of fancy footwork to get to Iraq from Afghanistan. But if you know that there are two inactive pipelines running from Iraq to Haifa, you can understand the objective. A case had to be made to break the control of Iraq’s former government and get those spigots pumping through Haifa again. What kind of a leap of logic was it from Afghanistan to Iraq? More shell games via gross disinformation, thoughtfully provided by the neocons who riddle the administration and the bureaucracy.

Now the neocons, following Israel’s agenda, have set their sights on Iran. So far, no valid reason for attacking Iran has been presented but there are rumblings, like the local bully spoiling for a fight and looking for any excuse. We need to finish our business in Iraq as soon as possible and come home so we can protect our own borders. How do we know that the Iraqi insurgents there aren’t another Mossad operation, just to keep us there, spending us dry and depleting our military?

We have a problem with Iran that we created. Years ago we were conned into using the CIA to install the Shah. Ultimately this plan backfired as some Iranians took exception to the fact that their oil was being pumped through Haifa. Whose idea was it to install the Shah? The English traitor Lord Victor Rothschild had a hand in that. His objective was securing the State of Israel, not keeping our pump prices low. We were used.

This time Iran is not going to roll over. Russia has some Sunburn and Onyx missiles there, and that should make any attack something less than a cakewalk. Those missiles travel at 22’-45’ above the surface, at over Mach 2. The target is toast before being able to scream. Why would we want to attack Iraq? Because they are developing a nuclear program? Who cares? Everybody is doing it now. Let’s keep our money at home and improve our own defenses.

Israel’s WMD program has been underway since the early days of their government. They process yellowcake into weapons grade uranium at Dimona. Who knows how many nuclear warheads they have? Why are we allowing them to test their missiles here? How many of our secret biological and chemical weapon processes have been provided to Israel by scientists supported by our universities and government? If Fuchs et al on the Manhattan Project believed mutually assured destruction (MAD) justified their treason, is there any indication that has changed? If Iran has nuclear weapons we can let MAD exist in the Middle East. A cold war is better than a hot war any day.

Israel has repeatedly sold to China, Russia and terrorist groups the weapons and systems provided to them by the United States. Israel spies on all telephone and instant messaging through three companies it owns: Amdocs, Converse Infosystems and Odigo. Checkpoint Systems, which provides the majority of firewalls on government and corporate systems is headquartered in Israel. And they deny espionage?

The best thing this administration could do to end the war on terror is to kick out all the neocons from government as they do not put the United States first. Governors and trade missions must stop taking those junkets to Israel. We must cease all trade relations, all financial aid and break off diplomatic relations with Israel. They are a terrorist nation.

Is there a difference between Israel and an enemy nation? Yes. Israel is much better at playing us for fools by telling us how much they need us and love us. The sooner the administration comes to terms with this dysfunctional relationship and gets out of it, the safer the world will be.

In the meantime, use snail mail and meet for coffee in noisy places.


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