Why? (Part III): More questions for the Bush administration

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Why have our forces not yet found information about Navy Comdr. Michael Scott Speicher in Iraq?

Why have they ‘clammed up’ about his case?

Why has the news media, too, virtually dropped any mention of the Speicher case?

Why have we not found any WMD (weapons of mass destruction) inside Iraq after all the assurances from CIA and Colin Powell that Iraq was filled with them?Why have we not gotten the electric power back on in Baghdad yet? Why has the greatest economic and military power ever – the USA – with the greatest technicians not been able to do this basic task in the five weeks since the war ended? Why do we risk ‘losing’ the Iraqi people by moving so slowly to get basic services back up and running?Why do we keep changing our post-war goals, plans and administrators? Why – one day – do we say that we’re aiming for ‘democracy’ for the Iraqi people but then change our goals to say that we will run the country for a longer period of time?Why do we risk the very real possibility that our seeming indifference and/or incompetence will allow an Iranian-style Ayatollah-led fundamentalist revolution to sweep the southern, oil-rich part of Iraq?Why do we not realize that in a year or two the following scenario is a very real possibility: Iraq – or half of it – is run by fundamentalists who hate America and the Saudi Arabian Royal Family – with US forces out of the Kingdom – is overthrown by a pro-Osama fundamentalist force. Thus the entire oil-producing region – Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia – will be controlled by this fringe element of Islam.Why, in light of this very plausible scenario, are we not accelerating the mass production of hydrogen-based fuel cell cars and busses and trucks?Why have we never made the same military commitment to capture/kill Osama Bin Laden and his chief henchmen that we made to taking down Saddam’s regime? Why 200,000 troops to Iraq to fight an Iraqi army that didn’t even want to fight but only 20,000 troops to Afghanistan and virtually none into Pakistan where this radical element is fomenting?Why do we allow Al Qaeda free reign in the southern Baluchistan region of Iran, too?Why have we slacked the pressure off Syria and Iran despite the fact that they sponsor and host Hamas and Hezbollah?Why do we go along with this charade of having Arafat in power and still dispatching suicide-bombers into Israel? Why don’t we get rid of him?Why is the Bush White House still keeping secret the 600-page report on the pre-9/11 intelligence?Why is the 9/11 commission being stalled, delayed and frustrated by the Administration?Why is it that the biggest source of trouble – and mystery – in this Administration is inside the murky, secretive and often duplicitous world of the intelligence community?



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