Whose lie is it anyway: Modern day ensemble cast of war & terror

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My family and I have a favorite TV show we watch every chance we get called Whose Line Is It Anyway? It has a great ensemble cast: Drew Carey, Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Gregg Proops, Brad Sherwood, Chip Esten, and the occasional different guest. We love it…they make stuff up off the top of their heads and from suggestions from the audience, and I laugh the entire time. The best moments are those when one cast member cracks up another cast member. It reminds me of one of my favorite childhood shows-The Carol Burnett Show-and the way that Harvey Korman could never make it through a skit with Tim Conway without busting up.

I don’t care who you are; that’s just good TV. They have games such as Hats-where the cast makes up one-liners that go along with whatever hat is on their head at the moment-and the raucous Hoe Downand Irish Drinking Song, which speak for themselves. It is really fun and funny, and the people involved are quick, bright, and on the ball. We know them all by name, and go around imitating them with the occasional inside family joke.

But of late I’m watching another ensemble, and I’m not laughing. It is the horrifying real life version of Whose Lie Is It Anyway? This group consists of un-funny types such as Kim Jong Il, Saddam, Al Qaeda, Communism, China, George Bush, and leftist controlled Communist Front Media. They’re interesting to watch, but not because they’re funny-because what is going on around them is compelling in the same way a dreadful accident grabs our attention.

And in this cast, there are definite examples of good and evil-the black hats and the white HAT, bad guys and the good GUY-yes, “hat” and “guy” are singular, because George Bush stands alone.

Everyone in this cast’s audience is screaming about the WMD’s-“Where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction? You lied to us, Bush!”


Let’s debunk that right now. Does anyone really doubt that Saddam Hussein was doing his damnedest to create, buy, and manufacture–with full intent to use–weapons that would wipe out his enemies-or even friends? I mean, do you really doubt that? Are you that naïve…or that easily led by the rants of the CFM-Communist Front Media? Can you honestly look at history and the nature of totalitarians and say that such men aren’t up to every conceivable evil within the arsenal of man and hell?

If you can-I mean truly and fully can-then read no further; logic, facts, and reason are lost on you, and you’ll merely be wasting your time and mine.

Just because the weapons haven’t been found yet in no way means they don’t exist. They do-I have no doubt about that. Not because I’ve seen them, but because I know evil men, and lest you doubt your own senses, let me state it now for the world to hear: Saddam is an evil man. He had a buttload of time to hide weapons-time the UN foolishly and wickedly bestowed upon him.

But he is only one player in this.

If you’ve read my writings, you know that I am convinced Armageddon’s roots lie deeply entrenched in North Korea; it is merely being physically expressed with the willing comrades of the Middle East. During Gulf War I, stories of Koreans running around the streets of Iraq flooded the media, but since the stories were about Communism, they of the CFM ignored them or played them down. North Koreans have long been associated with Iraq. Don’t believe me? Then you tell me; why was Iraq the country of choice from which the female North Korean spy who planted the bomb that would cause the 1987 KAL explosion boarded the plane and planted the bomb? The answer is this simple: BECAUSE SHE COULD.

Kim is the far worse danger, but if you are still determined to look to the Middle East instead of the Far East, you’re in luck…Kim isn’t in this alone. This is a group cast here. Kim is deeply embedded with the other evils of the world, such as Saddam, Qadafi, Venezuelan dic Hugo Chavez, Castro, Jiang Zemin. Al Qaeda, and Islam. The goal of Communism has never changed, but it has changed methods. It is now the largest force behind Islam’s evil, and will gladly ride in on the coattails of Allah to accomplish with Jihad what it couldn’t with a Cold War. They are all frothy, wild co-conspirators in this evil-whatever it takes to rid the world of free will and capitalism and, well, America. These are facts that are distorted, ignored, or covered up by years of America’s own Communist controlled media and the portrayals of living, Technicolor lies by Hollywood.

Well I for one am sick of it. I’ve about had it with Hollywood Hollow Heads and the CFM and easily led “sheeple” of this free nation telling me that George Bush is the evil one. I’m not happy with some of the things he’s done, such as re-nigging on the promise of lifetime medical benefits for our warriors, but still, he doesn’t meet the requirements of a truly evil man.

Kim Jong Il, however, does.

How much more evidence do we need? We have so many stories of defectors-even high-ranking leaders within the Communist Party in North Korea-telling of horrors that outdo Hitler’s Holocaust and are almost equal to Stalin’s gulags and purges that we are starting to tune them out. These devastated people tell us over and over again that the North Koreans truly believe that America is their only hope. And besides the outright admissions of reprocessing plutonium and creating nukes, our latest information shows the presence of Krypton-85-the gas by-product of reprocessing spent plutonium fuel rods-in the air around the Yongbyon nuclear facility.

More people have defected in the past 8 years than in all of the 40 years previous to that…millions have starved to death to uphold Kim’s fantasy of Godhood, and he so brutalizes and tortures his own people that they aren’t likely to do much one way or the other to fight him; they just want to live. Besides, an unarmed constituency-no matter how desperate for freedom-is eternally easy to defeat, (ahem…Tianemen Square), and the people of North Korea know all too well that rocks and brooms are no match for AK’s, tanks, and bombs.

Again, how much evidence do we need? Do any of you really doubt that Kim Jong Il is the greatest evil to befall the earth since the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Clinton, or Barbra Streisand? Do you doubt that he is in absolute cahoots with other men on the same wicked train to hell? Are you really that easily swayed by Hollywood and the CFM?

If you answered yes, hang your heads in shame!

People, just how stupid are you determined to be? I mean, it’s one thing to be unsure of evidence, but when there is no denying the evidence, then who is playing the role of idiot here-us or Kim? Look, if you need a reason, try the fact that they have already sent a missile our way…it exploded in Alaska a few months back. It would be painfully easy to attach a small, crude nuke to this Taepo Dong 2 just to drive home the foul point of Kim’s regime. But why do we always wait until we are attacked? What happened to removing an evil man because he is making our brothers across the ocean suffer? How many times will we have to be inflicted with a “sneak attack” before we decide that we truly mean it when we say that we will defend freedom and fight the nefarious around the world?

You bet North Korea is about to implode, but that only makes them far more dangerous, if that is even possible. I am telling you here and now, they will NOT go down without heaping blood and horror upon the world that they have tried unsuccessfully to rule with their iron fist of Stalinism; Kim will see to it that we pay for his failure. He will run like the flatulent little coward he is, fat butt waving in the breeze as he casts old women and children to the wolves in order to make his escape. It will be as war always is-the innocent will suffer, and most likely, given the gutless chia-headed freak that he is-Kim will take his own life, or buy hiding places from other partners in crime until it gets too hot, at which point they will sell him out, or kill him, because that is what evil does.

In this episode of Whose Lie…? it is Kim wearing the hats-he murders his people, cooks up nukes, and is the biggest exporter of ICBM’s in the world. Yes, he wears the hats of the butcher, baker, candle-stick maker. This is his lie, but this is our show, and if we truly believe what we claim to believe, then before this Ho goes Down, let’s deliver this Irish Drinking Song to Pyongyang:

Oh, I-dee I-dee I-dee I-dee I-dee I-dee Oh

There was a little dictator

He had freaky hair

He thought he was a God

In Stanky underwear

He ruled with blood and horror

He bombed the USA

But when he started cooking nukes


One last note here. Park Gap Dong, a recent defector from North Korea who was in charge of the European Section for Propaganda, has pleaded with America for pre-emptive strikes. He states it succinctly, and with the passion and vigor that only those who have lived the terror can possibly comprehend.

“We cannot expect to bring down the regime of Kim Jong-il by internal means. A pre-emptive U.S. strike against selected targets inside North Korea will succeed,” stated Park.

“U.S. strikes against North Korean targets would force Kim Jong-il to seek asylum in China. Kim Jong-il is a coward. If attacked, he will flee the North. The North Korean army would not fight after the regime collapsed.

“Many North Koreans believe that the United States is their savior and the only nation that can liberate North Korea “If Kim develops small nuclear weapons, around 700 kilograms [1,440 pounds] for the No Dong and other missiles, they will use them on South Korea or Japan. The South Korean military will have no choice but to attack,” stated Park…”They will not give up these weapons but will instead hide them from inspectors…”–NewsMax.com, Attack North Korea Before It’s Too Late, Key Defector Warns, July 10, 2003, by Charles Smith.

They will not give up these weapons but will instead hide them from inspectors. Hmmmm…sounds familiar. But then, all dics sound alike to me. It also sounds like Bush is right. The only question is, will we do now what must be done, or let it go for another 50 years and heap it into the laps of our grandchildren? Evil is never self-contained; it has a nasty way of seeping into every crack and crevice. Ridding the world of the Kims or Saddams isn’t just a matter of liberty for the oppressed, it is a matter of self-preservation for the free.

I say bomb the bastard medieval, and dammit, FREE NORTH KOREA NOW!

Keep the faith, bros, and in all things courage.

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