Whites who use blacks to attack whites: Black people are really tools in the power game

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Last week’s article, The Worldwide War on White People drew a good response. However, one Reader posed a question which itself is fascinating and needs an explanation.

Ken, wrote the following: “Great article Jan! We see it here in the US multiple times each and every day. The white man has been relegated to third class citizen here. Many of the media outlets, especially commercials on US television portray white males as buffoons, a helpless group of dregs totally dependent upon omniscient and condescending women for their very existence. Here In the fifties and sixties, the American male was respected and looked to for guidance and wisdom. Those days are gone my friend. In the US, father, doesn’t KNOW BEST anymore.

The middle class mood in America is guilt. Guilt for having a comfortable lifestyle, guilt for what has gone down hundreds of years ago, guilt for just being white. Though blacks comprise less than 15% of the population, more and more commercials pander specifically and shamelessly to black culture. White culture in the US has been homogenized into a faceless, nebulous vapour. All in the name of political correctness.”

Here in South Africa we have the same thing. Whites are portrayed on adverts, soap operas, etc as retarded buffoons and blacks are often the intelligent superior ones.

The most interesting comment I got was this observant question from Daniel: “I have no negative response to your article about others being “used” to attack north America as you described. However there is a question that naturally arises…. are not Russians white? Are not those in our North American education and political systems white? Will they not suffer the consequences along with their fellow white countrymen for what they are doing? Or – do they have a way of protecting themselves?”

Yes, Russia is basically a “white” country and it is ironic that the race hatred against white people was actually their project from the first. Daniel’s question is logical, and my response is that in the history of communism one sees many hypocritical and bizarre situations arising as I will demonstrate.

We have the same problem here in South Africa. We have white people who work against whites and who help foment that same race hatred. They think they will be immune because they are the friends of the blacks, but in practise it doesn’t work that well. Take the case of Amy Biehl, an American girl who came to South Africa to help uplift the blacks. She was killed by a mob of blacks. They did not ask her if she was their friend or not – they murdered her because she had a white skin.

The problem with communists is that they and their leftist friends will go to great lengths to get political power. The communists are by far the worst offenders and they will use any opportunity and tell any lie as long as it furthers their political agenda. A black man here in South Africa who was sent to Moscow and trained by the KGB told me that in the communist view any tactic is acceptable in order to win. There is no such thing as right or wrong. Any tactic used to destroy your enemy is right.

As I said last week, these people have seen in the helplessness of black people a perfect vehicle for changing countries and for overthrowing political institutions. They milk it for all they can. They are opportunists and have adopted the “cause” of blacks because of its usefulness – not because they love the blacks. In fact, they couldn’t give two hoots for the blacks. They will murder them at the first sign of resistance (e.g. Mugabe who is now selectively starving his opposition to death). These people on the far left are a bunch of fakes. They don’t give a damn about blacks or their suffering. In fact, they may need to increase the suffering of black people deliberately in order to get what they want. As I mentioned last week, the communists wanted black Americans to lose their jobs because they hoped it would lead to social unrest and crime problems. They wanted to do all they could to exacerbate the situation. They’ve done such things here in Africa. When they called for world sanctions on South Africa, everyone knew it would be the blacks that would suffer more than the whites, but the African National Congress [ANC] and South African Communist Party [SACP] went ahead and called for sanctions anyway. To the communists, blacks are nothing more than canon-fodder. Blacks had only one purpose in Africa and that was to bear arms against whites. The Russians sent arms here by the shipload. But when blacks were starving did they send so much as one loaf of bread? No way!! Blacks, from the first were cannon fodder and nothing more. The same is true for blacks in America and elsewhere. The blacks are nothing more than tools to be hoodwinked and conned into doing the dirty work of the communists. Their leaders get to eat caviar of course and to live the life but for the rest of them there is nothing.

I have an excellent encyclopaedic book called “The History of Communism in South Africa”. This massive work was actually written by an American missionary who came to Africa. This book was sponsored by a church organisation and printed in the 1980’s. The SACP is the second oldest communist party in the world and the first formed outside of the Soviet Union. White people formed it in 1921 in Cape Town. Within six months of its formation a fascinating problem occurred in Johannesburg. They were going to fire thousands of white mine workers and replace them with lower-paid black people. The whites were very upset. The communists saw an opportunity for revolution. They managed to inject themselves into the situation on “behalf” of the white workers. They arranged a massive strike in which 20,000 white mine workers took part. They tried to use white people to overthrow South Africa. Their fiery speeches and hate soon had the desired effect. Fighting broke out all over Johannesburg. For a time, the communists controlled Johannesburg and the red flag was flying outside the city hall. The South African government had to send in troops, and they even had the air force dropping bombs on Johannesburg. In two weeks more than 600 people were killed in gunfights between the government and the communists. More than 800 whites were arrested. Some were sent to jail and others later executed.

In 1924, the white communists decided to change their tactics. They decided they needed to bring blacks into the organisation. Some blacks even went to the Soviet Union where they met with the communists there. Lenin then issued an order in 1927 that South Africa was to be turned into a black racial republic. The white communists who dominated the SACP were very irritated by this. They had striven for a multi-racial country. They eventually ironed out their disagreements.

It is ironic that the SACP, which played a major role in the “liberation” of Africa, was always run by a white person. The last white leader it had was Joe Slovo, who was said to hold the rank of Colonel in the KGB. The SACP’s first black leader was Chris Hani. Thus, from 1921 until the early 1990s whites ran the SACP and were instrumental in attacking Apartheid and colonialism in Africa. In fact, one will find this tendency for white domination to be true for the NAACP in the USA as well. It was run by whites much of the time!

As one studies communism and how communists took control of black politics everywhere one sees white people playing a prominent role in stirring up hatred against other white people. This leads us back to Daniel’s question: How can white people knowingly stir up hatred against their own kind?’

The short answer I suppose is: They are such moral degenerates that they will do anything for power even if it results in them vilifying or murdering their own kind. Communists have never been very concerned about murder, mayhem and war, so this is just one more example of what monsters they really are.

I said in last week’s article that all this racial nonsense was really a covert war on North America and the Western world. The communists ensured that they are seen as the good guys. For example, a black propagandist for the ANC told me how she was taught to write pro-communist propaganda by the Bulgarians. She told me that they were taught how to twist all news reports to make the Western world look bad. They were specifically taught, “reserve your worst comments for America”. They were taught to portray colonialism as an evil empire. But at the same time they were taught not to write nasty things about Russia or their other communist sponsors. Thus the communists were always careful to ensure that only the whites of the Western world were to be portrayed as the real criminals whereas the Russians were the “good guys”. To this day you will never hear Mandela, Mbeki or Mugabe ever criticising Russia or China. They will attack everyone else, but not those countries. Indeed, when Mandela went to China people asked him why he did not speak out about the Tianamen Square Massacre. Mandela replied that people should not interfere in China’s internal affairs!! (That’s a big joke considering how everyone meddled in South Africa or Rhodesia’s internal affairs!)

Even now, I find it fascinating that the ANC and SACP contain many whites. It amazes me how whites in positions of power can sit there and help to attack other whites – but they do.

An American liberal irritated me once and I responded with a long e-mail entitled “Racism is Pseudo-Intellectual bunk”. A lot of what is called “Racism” is something that is carefully crafted to “prove” (to weak minds) in a pseudo-intellectual way that white people at heart hate black people because of the colour of their skin.

Communists and their friends work overtime to make black people as paranoid as they possibly can and to make them think that every white person is out to get them. It is very effective. They are particularly good at taking normal situations and depicting them in a very cynical way. For example, they ignore the intellectual shortcomings of blacks as a race and then try to pretend that blacks are really equal (superior even), but are being “kept down” by hate-filled whites. Here in South Africa for example, they want to “right the wrongs” of the past by ensuring that blacks take 80% of all jobs – regardless of their aptitudes. I am a consultant in the IT industry for example, and I watch as blacks struggle to wrap their minds around advanced IT concepts such as Object Orientated Programming for example. But their lack of aptitude is ignored. Instead, they are told they did not get those jobs because whites hated them. They use this Pseudo-Intellectual nonsense approach in many areas to make blacks think whites have a deep-seated hatred of them. So now you have blacks with a permanent chip on their shoulders who manage to find fault with everything whites do. They misinterpret even the most normal actions as being driven by hate. If they don’t get a job, or they fail to pass an exam it is immediately blamed on the “racist” system.

Similarly, they use a pseudo-intellectual bunk approach to convince whites they are indeed racist. They try to show that we associate black with evil and so we automatically “assume” black people are evil. I’m sorry to disappoint them but I judge blacks the same way I judge everyone – by their actions.

Some years ago I was a regular subscriber to the journal of the South African Communist Party. I noticed how they were campaigning to free Abu Jamal, a black guy who shot a Policeman in the USA. I noticed how the SACP journal was describing the American Police system as “racist”. It has always been apparent to me that there is a massive media campaign afoot to portray the US Justice system and Police in particular as “racist”. Take the O.J. Simpson case for example and how Mark Fuhrman was unfairly vilified.

There is a lot of communist activity in the USA but it seems to me most Americans do not understand the nature of this insidious beast and how it comes into your society and starts messing with people’s heads.

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