When beautiful minds: Get twisted

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Education, like water, seeks its own level: very intelligent people rise to the challenge; reasonably bright ones tread educational water, and the less intellectually endowed become bottom feeders.

And so it is: the inherently smartest, or inherited-wealthiest, among us gravitate to Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, or other elite institutions of learning, (What they do with all that knowledge, however, is problematic.) And this, presumably, is what separates brain from muscle, savvy from naïve, leader from follower, shepherd from sheep.

So, if that is a given, why am I sitting here, writing about it?

Because there is a warning to be heeded here.

All is well when people of great intelligence travel the high road of inventiveness, ingenuity, achievement, and advancement. But woe is the world when superior brains begin dreaming up nefarious schemes, plots, conquests and other dangerous and destructive activities. Then, intellectual superiority is a curse, not a blessing, and demands close watching.

Both saints and sinners may have exceptional minds, but when they serve opposite purposes —and there are endless examples of this anomaly at work—Lord help us.

Human beings who use their gifts of superior intellect to help and advance the progress of mankind, have discovered that the earth is not flat; that man can indeed fly like a bird; that wheels are infinitely better for travel than horseback; that there is a brighter light to read by than candlepower; and that many so-called incurable diseases are not so incurable after all.

Conversely, human beings who use their ascendant intellect for deleterious ends soon devise new and more damaging ways to cheat and steal; plot strategies for usurping another’s goods and properties; engender new scams and deceptions to fleece the unsuspecting; concoct creative ways to hoodwink, misinterpret and exaggerate in business and politics; accumulate wealth at the expense of others; lie, cheat, deceive, and conspire in their dealings; even attempt to bring down, by fraud and deception, companies, institutions, cultures, governments, even nations.

And they do it mercilessly, with a smile on their face.

It apparently all begins with how the wires in your brain are connected, an ability to see hidden “questionable” opportunities and take advantage of them; and why misadventures in life look more “profitable” than plain adventures.

Even a cursory read of the biographies of both famous and infamous people reveal a level of intelligence that is foreign to many of us. And in most cases, (not all, of course) these people were educated at the level that their intelligence required.

Applying this bit of insight to the politicians and officials who are presently in government and running our country, we find two factors.

First, most of them are very bright, well connected, and highly educated.

Second, some of them are using their lofty intellect to undo all the traditions, values and principles that America stands for.

In short, these are the ultra smart people whose sense of social mores and human decency has run amok; whose dark intentions have overridden their innate intelligence, whose sense of “rightness” has been shut down, and whose psychological aberrations are making a mockery of what they learned at a prestige university.

The more I read and learn about the individuals in critical and sensitive positions in our present administration, the more I am convinced that America is in very serious trouble as a nation. Not because situations can’t change. Not because our domestic and foreign policies can’t be revamped. And surely not because this nation isn’t strong enough to overcome any obstacle.

No, it is because the very people with bright minds in positions of political power—-no need to identify them, you know them as well as I do–who should have this country’s best interest at heart, are the very same bright-minded people who are scheming to dismantle our Constitution and destroy us as a sovereign nation.

The double blight of uneasiness and discontent at home, and the chaos and non-stop killing in Iraq, proves it.

Creative minds are beautiful. But when those minds are twisted, the results can be damnable.

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